03 Aug 2017

A Message from Mr Holden

We were treated to a stunning day last week for our Years 3-6 Prep Schools’ Athletics Carnival. There were a number of excellent individual performances and it was wonderful to see the high level of participation and enjoyment from boys as well as tremendous House Spirit. A number of selected students will now go on to represent Wyvern at the IPSHA athletic carnivals in late August; we wish them well.

My thanks to the P&F for their wonderful efforts with ‘Back to Newington Day’ on Saturday.  The stalls aimed at younger children made the event hugely enjoyable for all ages. A special mention to the Wyvern U12 rugby and football teams who played very well in short games against Lindfield Prep prior to the 1st XV and 1st XI games.

The Wyvern Choir performed superbly well at last week’s Founder’s Concert and looked very at home amongst the elite ensembles of the Senior School. Bravo for contributing to such an outstanding concert.

As we come to the last round of sport fixtures this Saturday, I thank all staff, parents, coaches/managers, boys and officials for their excellent contribution to the 2017 Winter sport season. The positive tone, good attitudes, teamwork, Wyvern spirit, dedication and commitment were evident across all sports. A special thank you to Mr Neil Brunton and Mr Joel Wilson and our sports staff for their valued co-ordination, work and leadership.

Finally, just a reminder that Monday 14 August is a pupil free day.

Ian Holden
Head of Wyvern House

Achievement Awards

 The following achievement awards were awarded at Assembly:


2B Roenin R


2B Khai Vu


Artists of the Week

K – 2 Artists of the Week

Oscar Frederick KW and Liam Johnston KS

In Visual Arts, Oscar and Liam have been exploring self-portraiture and have created fabulous mixed media self-portraits.  Both boys demonstrated excellent craftsmanship as they explored a variety of drawing and painting techniques.  Congratulations on your wonderful work, boys!

Yelena Rubie
K-2 Visual Arts Teacher

Years 3-6 Inter-Schools’ Athletics Carnival 2017

On Wednesday 26th July, Wyvern and Lindfield boys came together to compete in the 2017 Inter-Schools’ Athletics Carnival. Below is a glimpse of the boys in action. Congratulations to Kingswood House.

Building Learning Power – Our Wyvern Learning Framework

At Wyvern we are deeply committed to equipping our boys with lifelong learning tools that will hold them in good stead into the 21st century. As part of our learning, we embed lessons with strategies where we teach boys to be more resilient, resourceful, reflective and reciprocal.

Michelle Brixen and Rachael Dillon, our BLP Learning Community Leaders, will be holding a parent information session on Wednesday 9 August from 8:30am – 9:30am in the Library. For those parents in K-2, this will be perfect timing before attending the K-2 Athletics Carnival at 10.00am at the senior school. The session will explore what BLP is, how we use BLP at Wyvern and some of the strategies you can use at home to help support your son(s) to become better able to persevere and demonstrate resilience. The session will also include some practical activities and an opportunity for you to ask questions, provide feedback and gain access to additional resources.

Everyone is most welcome to come along and learn more about how learning has changed over the past decade and why these changes are having such positive effects on our boys.

Please help us gauge numbers by emailing mbrixen@newington.nsw.edu.au or rdillon@newington.nsw.edu.au Please also feel free to turn up on the morning of should you become available.


Clubs and Extra Curricular Activities at Wyvern – Term 3

Dear Parents,

Please find attached Club and Extra Curricular Activities at Wyvern – Term 3 below. Once you click on the link below select the activity you are interested in and it will take you to the relevant Space Page on SPACES. Please note that not all activities are linked yet as. Will update again when this is all finalised. 

Term 3 Clubs and Extra-Curricular Activities at Wyvern

Please refer to SPACES for more information regarding the Clubs and Activities.

Kind regards

Wyvern Office

Faith Matters

Don’t Get Hooked

Face it; some people are unwilling to take responsibility for their lot in life, so they plough through each day complaining about everything. Because they’re incapable of loving themselves, they can’t extend love to others. Often their negative edge just masks their real struggle. Deep down they’re afraid of being rejected, so they don’t get too close to anyone except kindred spirits.
So how should you respond to such people? Don’t get hooked! If you can’t lift them up, make sure they don’t drag you down. When Nehemiah’s enemies criticised the wall he was building he replied, “I am doing a great work! Why should I stop it to come and visit with you?” And what was the result? The wall was finally finished just fifty-two days after we had begun! When his enemies heard about it, they were humiliated, and they realised that the work had been done with the help of God. Was it easy working around people like that? No. How did Nehemiah do it? When he started getting discouraged he prayed, “Lord God, please strengthen me!” Notice, he didn’t say, Lord, zap them. Or, Lord make them nice to me.? No, he asked for strength, maintained a good attitude and prayed that God would take care of his critics. And God did.

Rev Peter Morphew

Flyers in Bookstand

Martial Arts – Kung Fu Action at Wyvern

Term 3 Clubs and Extra Curricular Activities at Wyvern 


Greek School

School Student Opal Information


Uniform Shop

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Kids and Co Psychology

ICAS Results for Ditigal Technologies, Science and Spelling


Nicholas Maratos
Vasili Filippatos, Ari Kritikos, Jasper Walsh, Bodie Young
Lucas Chen, William Verden
Daniel Carter, Nathan Chong, Vishay Modi, Angus Thompson
Edmund Dam, Fergus FitzSimons, Rhys Howard-Jones



Alan Li, William Verden
Nathan Chong
Edmund Dam, Benjamin Macdessi
Joshua Cartwright, Boyd Cornish, Vasili Filippatos, Eric He
Lucas Chen, Sacha De Rosnay, Angus Edmundson, Isaac Holmes, Roman Lewis, Oscar McLeod, Charlie Roberts, Lewis Saupin
Jacob Haddad, Vishay Modi, Ramsey Safieh, Angus Thompson, Andrew Wayling, Sebastian Wong
Benjamin Chau, Rhys Howard-Jones, Jasper Jones



Lucas Chen, Adam Cooper
Nathan Chong, Rushabh Gandhi
Kieran Chan, Banjamin Chau
Vasili Filippatos, Eric He, Kiran Hyne, Nicholas Maratos, Bodie Young
 Kian Chan, Angus Edmundson, Brentson Lew, Alan Li, Lewis Saupin, Hugo Sharkey, Fredrik Smart
Harry Alscher, Blake Dickson, Jacob Haddad, Theo McGrath, Scott Yan,
Edmund Dam, Fergus FitzSimons, Max Lukin, Zachary Messis, Adam Younes

Next Two Weeks


Week 4

Mon 7 Wyvern Shop 7.30am – 9.00am
  No sport training
Tue 8 Wyvern Shop 2.30pm – 4.00pm
  STEAM – Big Day In Junior Event (Year 5 selected students), Redlands Junior School, 10.00am – 2.00pm
  3-6 Chapel, 11.15am – 11.45am, Senior School Chapel
  K-2 Chapel, 12.30pm
Wed 9 BLP Parent Session, Wyvern Library, 8.30am – 9.30am
  K-2 Athletics Carnival, 10.30am – 12.30pm
  House Comp Day, Round 1, 1.40pm
Thu 10 Wyvern Shop 7.30am – 9.00am
Fri 11 Year 6 Parent Morning Tea, Prescott Hall, Senior School Campus, 8.45am – 9.45am
  K-2 Assembly, 10.00am
  Debating – Round 5, Year 6 BYE and Year 5 vs St Patricks at Wyvern, 1.30pm
Sat 12 South Harbour Athletics Invitational Carnival (selected students)
Sun 13  


Week 5

  Staff Day 4
  Pupil Free Day
  Wyvern Shop 2.30pm – 4.00pm
  ICAS Mathematics Competition
  K-2 Chapel, 12.30pm
  Maths Olympiad 4
  K-2 Performance ‘Crossing Bridges’, Wyvern Library
  Years 3 & 4 – Mark Greenwood (author), Wyvern Library
  House Comp Day, Round 2, 1.40pm
  Wyvern Shop 7.30am – 9.00am
  Year 7 2018 Learning Profile Test, Centenary Hall, 8.30am – 12.30pm
  Kindy Excursion to Botanical Gardens
  Year 5 Incursion – Liquid Nitrogen Show
  K-2 Assembly, 10.00am
Sat 19 Newington Athletics Invitational Carnival (selected students)
Sun 20  

OshClub – Wyvern’s Before & After School Care Provider

Wyvern’s Before and After School Care Program is run by OSHClub. Enrolment for all students is recommended and allows parents to easily manage their before and after school care needs via an online account. Visit www.oshclub.com.au to use the free enrolment service.

For all late bookings, please contact the Coordinator on 0428 131 700. OSHClub’s head office number is (03) 8564 9000 Click here for the OSHClub Information Flyer.

Newsletter, Click here

Kind regards

OSHClub Team


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Term Dates 2017

Term 1  – Monday 30 January to Friday 7 April

Monday 30 January Classes commence for Years 1-6 
Tuesday  10 January Classes commence for Kindergarten
Friday 7 April Classes conclude

Term 2  – Wednesday 26 April to Friday 23 June

Wednesday 26 April Classes commence 
Friday 9 June Staff PD – Student Free Day
Monday 12 June Queen’s Birthday Public Holiday
Friday 23 June Classes conclude

Term 3 – Monday 17 July to Friday 22 September

Monday 17 July Classes commence 
Monday 14 August Staff PD – Student Free Day 
Friday 22 September Classes conclude

Term 4 – Monday 9 October to Thursday 7 December

Monday 9 October Classes commence 
Thursday 7 December Classes conclude
Classes conclude – Prize Giving Years 3-6


Term Dates 2018

Term 1  – Monday 29 January to Friday 13 April

Monday 29 January Classes commence for Years 1-6 
Tuesday  30 January Classes commence for Kindergarten
Thursday 29 March Classes conclude for Easter break
Tuesday 3 April School resumes after Easter break
Friday 13 April Classes conclude

Term 2  – Monday 30 April to Friday 29 June

Monday 30 April Classes commence 
Friday 8 June Staff PD – Student Free Day
Monday 11 June Queen’s Birthday Public Holiday
Friday 29 June Classes conclude

Term 3 – Monday 23 July to Friday 28 September

Monday 23 July Classes commence 
Monday 3 September Staff PD – Student Free Day (tbc)
Friday 28 September Classes conclude

Term 4 – Monday 15 October to Thursday 6 December

Monday 15 October Classes commence 
Thursday 6 December Classes conclude – Prize Giving Years 3-6


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Wyvern Office

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Kind regards

Nicole Williams
Uniform Shop Convenor

Virtual Reality in the Classroom

Over the past two weeks Year 6 students have been to some amazing places. They’ve visited an African savannah and walked with elephants. Students flew in a cockpit of a jet fighter and also swam in the Great Barrier Reef. All of these excursions were done without a risk assessment or a packing checklist. We visited these places through the use of Google Cardboard and 360 degree videos offered for free on YouTube.

Virtual reality has progressed a long way in a short period of time and at Wyvern we are starting to use this in our teaching practice. To have our students participate in virtual reality excursions immerses them into the action unlike any way we could before. A lesson hook in Week 2 for Year 6 saw the boys equipped with a set of headphones turned up and a virtual reality walk around New York’s Time Square. It was busy at night with a lot of action. The regular buskers were there and the traffic control officers were doing their best to keep order in all the chaos. After spending 8 minutes in the hectic environment students were instructed back onto Canvas (our online learning management system) and were able to have their creative juices flowing in constructing imaginative texts that placed the reader back where they were just standing.

The use of this free resource in the classroom allows our boys an extra special experience. You could continue this on at home and go on some virtual excursions as a family. Google Cardboard offers a headset starting from $5.00. All you need now is a phone with the latest YouTube app and a quick VR search and you’re away. Where will you go this week with your family?

As always if you have any questions about this or any other topic please do not hesitate in contacting me.

Tony Cross
eLearning – Wyvern House and Lindfield Preparatory School