29 Aug 2018

Back to Newington Day

Food galore, endless sunshine, balmy temperatures and some fantastic sport results. Could we have asked for more for Back to Newington Day 2018?

More than 5000 people flooded Newington’s Stanmore campus from 9am, enjoying stalls and music, trying their hand on the rowing machines and catching up with other Newington families.

More than 400 cakes were donated to the NEW Women cake stall, and sold out by mid-afternoon. The Marketplace in Centenary hall did a roaring trade.

Money raised by Newington’s many dedicated Support Groups was up by more than 10 per cent, ensuring Newington boys will continue to have the best possible experience from the co-curricular activities. A special initiative by Year 7 to help rural communities devastated by drought raised more than $10,000, with some boys donating their pocket money and others working well beyond their rostered time to encourage as many donations as possible.

A huge thankyou to all those who volunteered their time and energy to creating a truly special day.



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