26 Mar 2019

A ‘golden ticket’

At a recent Assembly, Jack Rudd (8/ME) was the lucky recipient of a ‘golden ticket’. This ticket, given at random, meant Headmaster Mr Michael Parker attended each of Jack’s classes, did all his school work and completed all assigned homework as well. Jack shares his perspective on the exciting day below.

How did it feel winning the Golden Ticket at Assembly?

I felt extremely lucky, especially seeing that I sat on one chair out of around 1500 that had the envelope on it. When I first sat down, I tried to give it away to anyone sitting around me because I thought I would have to go up on the stage. But my mentor Mrs Lak told me to hold on to it!

 What did you expect going into the day?

I thought I would be really nervous sitting with Mr Parker all day. But he was super friendly and asked me a lot of questions about myself which made me feel more at ease. I’m pretty sure all my classmates enjoyed having him in the class, but I’m not sure my teachers were as relaxed as I was!

How was the day different to what you expected?

I thought that the Headmaster would do less of my work, but he even did my practice maths test for me. I wish we could have found out the mark he achieved. It was great for him to see a day in the life of a student, but I also saw how he experienced each day – I must have heard ‘good morning sir’ a hundred times as we walked between lessons.

What was your favourite part of the day?

My favourite part of the day by far was when we had practical PDHPE and we got to throw dodgeballs at the Headmaster. This is not something you get to do every day and I’m sure other people in my class really enjoyed this as well, except for the time someone nearly hit him in the head!

Did the Headmaster do all your assignments?

Yes, although he didn’t have any homework to do, which was bad luck for me. Also in English we had to write analytical paragraphs which I was happy that I didn’t have to do because it was the last lesson of the day and they can be hard work!


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