29 Aug 2018

Back to Newington Day

Food galore, endless sunshine, balmy temperatures and some fantastic sport results. Could we have asked for more for Back to Newington Day 2018?

More than 5000 people flooded Newington’s Stanmore campus from 9am, enjoying stalls and music, trying their hand on the rowing machines and catching up with other Newington families.

More than 400 cakes were donated to the NEW Women cake stall, and sold out by mid-afternoon. The Marketplace in Centenary hall did a roaring trade.

Money raised by Newington’s many dedicated Support Groups was up by more than 10 per cent, ensuring Newington boys will continue to have the best possible experience from the co-curricular activities. A special initiative by Year 7 to help rural communities devastated by drought raised more than $10,000, with some boys donating their pocket money and others working well beyond their rostered time to encourage as many donations as possible.

A huge thankyou to all those who volunteered their time and energy to creating a truly special day.


Dominic Young, Phillip Langshaw and Thomas Newham selling raffle tickets at the Asylum Seekers Centre Improv night 2018

Improv night raises money for Asylum Seekers Centre

As part of the International Baccalaureate CAS programme, a group of Year 11 boys organised an improvised comedy night to raise funds for the Asylum Seekers Centre (ASC).

After seeing the fantastic work that the Asylum Seekers Centre does for people seeking asylum in our community, we were inspired to see what we could do to make a difference. While Manton House donates goods to the ASC Food Bank each week, we saw an opportunity to further this support.

Over the course of a few months, we planned everything from the performers to the barbecue and raffle prizes in a process that was both extremely rewarding and enjoyable as we began to see the night come together and see the amazing support from the Newington community for this important cause.

On the night, the audience was treated to a night of fantastic improvised comedy, with performers from Improv Theatre Sydney performing alongside our talented boys, coaches and staff. In the first round, performers competed in a “Powerball” challenge, where they had a total of 12 minutes to perform in the space of three scenes. One of many highlights was Mr Oosterhoff’s outstanding dolphin impersonation.

Round two saw a completely improvised soap opera, which was held in an elite culinary academy.

A number of audience members also walked away with some fantastic raffle prizes, which were drawn on the night.

The night was a great success, raising $5020 for the ASC. With the ASC supporting more than 2500 people in our community through valuable services such as accommodation, food, health care and financial relief, these funds will help support people in need in our community. We were delighted to have 15 clients from the ASC join us on the night, as well as former Newington teacher Jenny Tracey, who is the Nutrition, Education and Social Support Manager at ASC.

We would like to thank Ms Smith, Ms Markey, Mr Phillips and all the staff who assisted us with this project, as well as Angus Waldon (11/MA) and Liam Pidcock (11/MA) for their work. We would also like to thank Improv Theatre Sydney, the Newington improv coaches, Mr Oosterhoff and the Senior Improv Team for their support.

Callum Stewart (11/MA)

Year 7 student Lance Haffenden, strength and conditioning, Newington College gym

‘It’s made me a better athlete’

Strength and Conditioning/Wellness manager Mr Cameron Black and Year 7 student Lance Haffenden, strength and conditioning, Newington College gym

Strength and Conditioning and Wellness Manager Mr Cameron Black and Year 7 student Lance Haffenden

Thinking about heading to a Strength and Conditioning session, but don’t know what to expect? Black & White asked Year 7 student Lance Haffenden about his experiences in the gym.

What sports and teams do you represent at Newington?

I play in the 13 Bs rugby for my winter sport and went on the rugby Gold Coast tour. In Term 1 I  played in the 13 As cricket team. In Term 4 I am going to play basketball and I am hoping to be part of the Newington athletics team for high jump and long jump.

You have participated in Strength and Conditioning sessions all year, how did you find out about them?

I found out about the gym from my brother who is currently in Year 10. When I started at Newington, I googled the times for when the gym was open on the Newington website.

What has been the most enjoyable part of going to the weights room?

The most enjoyable part of going to the weights room is working out with my friends while having the music blasting, and feeling pumped after the session.

How important is your physical fitness to compete in your sports?

Having physical fitness is an essential part to compete in all the sports I play as it helps me to strive for higher levels. Rugby is a contact sport where you have to be strong over the ball, in defence and agile out wide for the entire 50 minutes of the game. In high and long jump you need to be strong in the legs maintaining core strength, flexibility and speed. In cricket, running in at full speed increases the pace of the ball and running between wickets fast helps sets winning scores.

I mightn’t have the tallest, biggest or strongest natural build, but going to the gym helps me fill in the gaps to make me a better athlete.

If a fellow student asked you about attending the S&C sessions what advice would you give them?

If a fellow student was to ask me about strength and conditioning sessions I would say to them to give it a go. Look at when the gym is open either on the sign outside the gym or on the Newington website and turn up. Ask the coaches for a program, ask them about the different exercises and technique and be willing to learn and improve.

(With thanks to Strength and Conditioning/Wellness Manager Mr Cameron Black)

Year 7 student Lance Haffenden, strength and conditioning, Newington College gym

Year 7 student Lance Haffenden in the Newington College gym

Winter Tennis update

The winter tennis boys this season showed great spirit on court, were enthusiastic in all training sessions, and were an enjoyable group of boys. Every member of the team was a pleasure to coach and were always ready with a smile. Special thanks and appreciation must go to Newington staff – Mary Triantafyllou (Miss T) and Newington coach – Marious Zelba, who worked vigorously across the entire season. Miss T, in fact, would regularly make herself available to take the court if there was someone missing or an extra player was needed to conduct the task at hand.

For Winter tennis this year we played some “Friendly” matches against Joeys, Riverview and Trinity.

The boys played essentially three different divisions against each school in both singles and doubles rubbers. Newington managed to remain undefeated overall for each week of the competition.

Also as part of Winter Tennis, Newington conducts internal Winter Championships for Singles and Doubles.

Congratulations to Angus Mackie-Williams (12/PR), Singles Winner, Richard Ge (12/PR) Singles Finalist and Doubles Winner, Long Pham (12/MO) Doubles winner.

Chris Steel
Head Tennis Coach

ghandi leadership

The Heart of a Great Leader

Mark 10:45 ‘…For the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve and to give his life as a ransom for many…’

Leadership is never about what we can gain from others, but rather about enhancing, inspiring and promoting the best interest of others. On the walls of the Newington Chapel are the names of great philosophers, scientists, artists and the like, but also great leaders; Lincoln, Gandhi, Alexander the Great. These leaders are remembered not for their position, status, power or sphere of influence, but for their qualities, their character, their commitment to those they served and for the legacy they have left for all of us today.

At Newington, we will soon elect our leaders for 2019. They will follow the wonderful leaders of 2018, including

this year’s senior prefect team of Lachie Mcintyre (12/JN), Alex Humphreys(12/JN) and Matt Dyster (12/FL). The culture we continue to build on is premised by the message in this Mark 10:45 verse.

If we consider the themes our Year 12 our leadership groups have chosen over the past three years, we can see the undercurrent of what defines true leadership at Newington:

2016 – ‘Value you, support him, stand by her’

2017 – ‘My strength is your support’

2018 – ‘One for many’

These mottos are all about others. What can we do to strengthen, encourage, get alongside, support and value others using the strengths we have? This is what leadership at Newington is all about.

Not all leaders on the world stage have shared this same essence of purpose. We don’t see Adolf Hitler’s name on our walls, nor Saddam Hussein’s, Rameses the Egyptian Pharaoh’s, Julius Caesar’s or even notable contemporary leaders. Great leadership is never defined by one’s sphere of influence, but rather by contribution and dedication to the lives of the individuals under their care. Great leadership is always about others, aptly modelled by the life of Jesus; ‘For the son of man did not come to be served, but to serve and to give his life as a ransom for many’.

Every Newington student will have the opportunity to lead in some form throughout their lives; captains of sporting teams, College prefects, managers and directors of companies and business teams, not to mention dads, husbands and the like. For our boys to become great leaders, choosing to embrace a desire to serve others will ensure an exciting future for us all.

Rev. Geordie Barham
College Chaplain

Ten boys from Japan visited Newington on exchange, and enjoyed a soccer game on Old Boys oval

Konnichiwa! Newington hosts students from Japan

Newington College recently welcomed 10 Japanese exchange students from Kaimei High School, Osaka: Issei, Natsumi, Nichika, Akira, Takao, Shuntaro, Kanata, Hiroki, Daichi and Shuma.

Although their time at Newington was brief, they brought a charming, enthusiastic attitude stemming from an eagerness to not only improve their English, but also meet new friends and explore Sydney. This exchange is a testament to the College’s presence on the international stage; one of many opportunities that allow students to embrace different cultures.

Ten Year 10 students – Ethan Haffenden (10/KL), Dhruv Kumar (10/JN), Cameron Ma (10/PR), Arky Wild (10/FL), Daniel Bordina (10/ME), Flynn Mooney (10/FL), Oscar Liu (10/ME), Jonah Holmes (10/MO), Jack Lu (10/JN) and Woojin Lee (10/MO) – volunteered to host the Japanese students, bringing them to some of our classes as well as showing them around the school during recess and lunch. 

A highlight was a soccer match pitting the Japanese students against their respective buddies during lunch on Old Boys Oval. The Japanese students showed off their skills, with precision passing and teamwork nearly scraping the win, only to be stopped by the quick hands of goalie Oscar Liu. Man of the Match went to Natsumi, who was the true anchor of his team.

Arguably the toughest moment was saying goodbye. Huddled in a classroom in the Tupou College Centre, the Japanese students began the farewell with an interesting talk about their background.

Kaimei High School, in the second largest city in Japan, is much smaller than Newington. It sits in only one building, across multiple floors. It is a co-ed school with 40 students per class and 8 classes per grade. The name ‘Kaimei’ comes from the words ‘Kai’ meaning ‘open’ and ‘mei’ meaning ‘right’. The word ‘Kaimei’ combined means “advanced and wise”.

A highlight of the short presentation was a rendition of “Tabidachi no Hi Ni”, a famous Japanese graduation song. It was sung with enthusiasm, pride and passion, each chorus harmonised, making it very difficult for some of us to hold back the tears.

Finishing with a short demonstration of the traditional Japanese skill toy kendama, we said our final goodbyes, receiving affectionate speeches and cards from our Japanese buddies. Outside of school, they were able to see iconic attractions such as Manly and Bondi Beach and the Opera House, as well as visiting Featherdale Wildlife Park and riding horses in Glenworth Valley.

Before they departed, I had the chance to ask some of the students questions about their time in Australia

What was your favourite thing about Newington?

Issei: I liked the school crest (the wyvern) as it looks like Harry Potter’s uniform.

Natsumi: I liked the school grounds.

Akira: I liked the campus, especially the buildings, as well as it being very big.

What do you like most about Australia?

Akira: The view of the city from the harbour.

Issei: I liked the pies, especially the chicken pie.

Natsumi:  Visiting the Blue Mountains.

Nichika: The people.

On behalf of the students, I thank all of the staff involved in ensuring the Japanese boys had a wonderful time at Newington, especially Ms Aiken, Mr Branson and Ms Wang. I would like to also thank all the volunteers, especially host families, English teachers and Ms Fukomoto, one of many fabulous Japanese guides.

ありがとうございます(Arigatou gozaimasu)

Thank you!!

Woojin Lee

The Cross Country season ends with a bang!

The Cross Country season finished with the GPS Championship event hosted by Sydney Grammar held at Newington’s spiritual home, Sydney Park. It could be said, we had a home ground advantage, irrespective, we took that advantage and used it.

The 2018 season was blessed with great weather and ideal conditions for XC racing, and this was certainly the case for the final season race.

With the seniors racing over the 8km distance, the under 16s over 6km and the Juniors over 4km, the day was set for challenging racing with many of the accumulated point scores for the final win being extremely close.

Our Junior team set the pace from the beginning of the season with constant wins and top 10 placings from the get go. This group has many talented athletes and others that are prepared to do the hard yards to support them. Injuries, illness and fatigue are the bane of the endurance athlete and the entire team managed to raise at different parts of the season, despite these challenges, to bring us across the line.

On the day, the Junior team went into the event with what we saw was an impossible lead to be lost, however, things can happen on the day that can prevent this, so every member stumped up for some of the best runs of their season, placing in higher positions and achieving personal bests bringing them across the line as 2018 point score champions.

2018 was lead by Archie Cuttance (11/FL) and his able leadership team of year 11 athletes. Other age groups responded to their mix of humour and whole-hearted attitude to training, racing and athlete encouragement. While not all athletes are Elite, it’s the team that gets individuals into positions that lead to wins as we saw on the weekend.

All athletes, in the 3 age categories have to be congratulated for their 2018 efforts and support. Particular mention for James Smith (9/MA) and William Smith (9/MA) for their consistency over the season, and Bailey Habler 8/MO) for his determination to help the team given he was injured and couldn’t run to his potential, but turned up and walked the course just to make sure his previous points counted towards securing the championship. There are others in these groups that could be mentioned, but it must be remembered, they all contributed in different ways to achieving their own and team goals for the 2018 season.

Symon Astley
Director of Cross Country & Snow Sports

A fantastic weekend of fencing

Seven boys from The Newington Fencing Team attended the School Boys Intermediate National Championships on Saturday 25 August. Our foilists experienced a full day of fencing and fun with a marathon of competitions commencing at 7.15am and finishing at 4.30pm.  

It was a triumphant day of fencing for our boys with James Lucas (9/MO), Christopher Tsolakis (9/KL), Henry Armstrong-Bailey (9/LE) and Colin Chen (9/LE) achieving Gold to Sabre and David Upcroft (8/LE), Christopher Paoloni (9/MA) and Oliver Chow (9/LE) taking Silver in Foil.

Well done to all fencers for their fantastic efforts.

From Left: James Lucas (9/MO), Christopher Tsolakis (9/KL), Henry Armstrong-Bailey (9/LE) and Colin Chen (9/LE) Achieving Gold in Sabre

Pictured: James Lucas (9/MO), Christopher Tsolakis (9/KL), Henry Armstrong-Bailey (9/LE) and Colin Chen (9/LE)

From Left:Christopher Paoloni (9/MA), David Upcroft (8/LE) and Oliver Chow (9/LE) taking Silver in Foil

From the Nurse

With the exams currently underway, here are some general reminders to help you manage exam stress


  • Make a study plan and have goals determining what you want to achieve at each session. Establish a regular routine.
  • Take regular breaks and get some fresh air. Exercise helps you feel refreshed and energetic.
  • Ensure you ask for help if struggling with a concept or subject. Group study might be useful.
  • Stay focused while you study – turn off your phone, TV, emails.
  • Use bright coloured highlighters to help you remember important dates/links. Write things down and read aloud.
  • Take some time to relax before bedtime. Appreciate the importance of sleep for your brain to recharge and remember what you have learnt.
  • Eat well while you study and before exams. Keep a water bottle on your table. Reduce your intake of caffeine, energy drinks and junk food as they can make you feel agitated and interrupt your sleep.
  • Steer clear of any exam ‘post mortem’. It is not useful.
  • Include your parents in your day – they are trying to be helpful so let them know what would help.

Some good foods to eat to help your memory and give you plenty of energy

  • Porridge with fruit and honey, perfect for breakfast or a late evening snack
  • Poached/scrambled or boiled eggs with wholegrain toast
  • Baked beans/ mushrooms/smoked salmon
  • Fruit smoothie
  • Muesli made the night before with added strawberries and nuts
  • Plain yoghurt with blueberries
  • Meat and salad sandwich with avocado, tuna wrap with avocado
  • Salmon with sweet potato and asparagus, chicken curry with turmeric, spinach and broccoli on brown rice.
  • Snack on nuts especially walnuts, cashews and almonds/fruit especially apples, pears and bananas/vegie crisps/ popcorn/ pumpkin seeds, healthy muesli bars.
  • Avoid heavy pasta dishes between morning and afternoon exams as they can feel heavy on your tummy and make you feel sleepy.
  • Drink plenty of WATER during the day and warm milky drinks at night to relax you.

Best of luck!

Margaret Bates 
School Nurse

drought year 7 charity

Our Year 7 boys talk about raising money for drought relief

Year 7 boys have adopted drought relief as their charity, and have already proved they have what it takes to make a difference. Their first effort was at Back to Newington Day, and they helped collect donations totalling more than $13,000. We asked our Year 7 boys what it was like to be involved in the fundraising.

Matthew Tan:

It was a fantastic opportunity to go around asking for money for Buy A Bale. Going around asking for money was already a great experience but what made it even greater was the fact that we were doing it for the farmers who are doing it tough right now. It was really enlightening to see when people we have never even met, were willing to donate money to Buy a Bale. Their happiness and generous in giving only made me happier. It is always a good thing to serve the community, no matter where they are and who they are, especially in a hard time. I believe that Saturday was a great success and was a great step to helping the farmers for a better future.

Ben Firth:

I participated in the Back To Newington Day fundraiser for the Australian farmers. We went around the school collecting money from the people standing around watching the games, and afterwards, I got to see a small amount of the money poured out of the buckets. I felt a huge feeling of joy and pride as I saw the amount of money that had been in just four buckets because I knew that I had helped collect some of it, and that this money would help some of the farmers that are in drought-stricken regions.

Tom Carlisle:

This experience was very interesting and I got a lot from it. I felt as if I was giving back to the community. I gave time and effort to help these farmers during this extremely hard time. I hope that what we raised will change lives living through this drought.

Ellis Khu:

It was fun going around collecting money for the Buy a Bale fundraiser and seeing how many people donated and after how much money there was in total.

Vasili Filippatos:

I found the experience very different to a traditional fundraiser. The idea of going around asking people to donate to Buy a Bale daunted me, but after 30 minutes of doing it, it felt like second nature. I believe it was a great success – I was told by Mr Vass that we raised over $6000 – and I would be happy to volunteer in the future.

Ethan Payne:

I had a great experience running around with my mate collecting money on Back to Newington Day: I liked talking to the rugby supporters and coaches, especially from Kings as they were very generous and gave us a lot of money to support the cause. I assume it’s because lots of them come from farming backgrounds. I loved it and it was a great experience for a great cause. I’m glad we raised so much money.

Seb Natoli (8/ME) with the President of the South Sydney Rugby Referees Association Bill Mackay and David "Paddy" Vaughan.

Seb wins Rookie of the Year

The Sydney South Rugby Referees Association (SSRRA) has recognised Seb Natoli (8/ME) as its most promising newcomer.

Seb was awarded the David “Paddy” Vaughan Award for Rookie of the Year at the recent SSRRA Awards dinner. The award is a prestigious one voted on by the SSRRA referee coaching group, and Seb met its namesake, Mr Paddy Vaughan, at the dinner.

Mr Vaughan’s contribution to Rugby refereeing spreads across five decades.

Development tournaments including the NSW PSSA (Year 6 primary school championships) and NSWJRU State Age Championships are a possibility for Seb if he continues refereeing with SSRRA.

Seb Natoli (8/ME) with the President of the South Sydney Rugby Referees Association Bill Mackay and David "Paddy" Vaughan.

Seb Natoli (8/ME) with the President of the South Sydney Rugby Referees Association Bill Mackay and David “Paddy” Vaughan.

Basketballers slam-dunk championships

Congratulations to Year 12 students Brandon Freire (12/PR), Matur Maluach (12/FL) and Reed Nottage (12/LE) for their success at the School Sport Australia Basketball Championships held in Darwin.

Their NSW team won the Championship title, and all three boys were selected to play in the All Australian Team.

A special nod to Reed for earning ‘Player of the Tournament’ accolades.

The man behind the outstanding achievement was head coach of the team Mr Rex Nottage.

Brandon Freire, Matur Maluach and Reed Nottage spearheaded NSW to win the School Sport Australia Basketball Championships