12 Jun 2019

Red Shield Appeal 2019

After a cloudy start early on Sunday 26 May, the clouds parted with clear blue skies and balmy conditions.

The Red Shield Appeal door-knocking campaign was a remarkable community network event combining the forces of over 300 boys, 85 parent and staff drivers, working side by side with members of the Salvation Army.

The public responded magnificently to the boy’s charm and exemplary personal appearance in their blazer uniforms. Photos of the groups are posted on Spaces, and can be viewed here.

A total of $18,088 cash was raised on the day (with more still to come from the donation envelopes left in the letterboxes of those not at home).

This is an improvement on last year’s total by approximately $2500 dollars!

Students, staff and parent volunteers enjoyed the day and learnt about the shared joy that comes from working together within the community to assist those less fortunate than ourselves.

You can all be very proud of yourselves and rest assured that we are equally proud of you!

Mick Madden 
Head of Service Learning

Final edition of Black & White

This will be the last edition of Black & White. The newsletter has had a long life at Newington. It launched as a printed publication in 1995 then, from 2012, continued in digital format. It has covered everything from lip synch fundraisers to sporting victories, Back to Newington Day to how to treat burns. It has been a valuable means of keeping the College community up to date with what’s going on.

However, Newington’s presence on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn has grown considerably in recent years and many Black & White reports are available on other platforms much sooner. As well, the boys have now launched the new digital student magazine Censored, which speaks their language about things they are interested in. Our analytics for Black & White suggest most people either already know the information or are skim-reading the landing page without clicking through to articles.

Black & White’s regular columnists will still have a home. ‘From the nurse’ will appear on an ad hoc basis on Spaces, and the regular piece from our chaplains will be published on the Pastoral Space. Sport reports will move to Sport Space. Archivist David Roberts’ insights into the history of the College will move to the College website. The Head of Stanmore newsletter will expand as needed to include additional information or links.

Please don’t hesitate to let the Communications team know about anything you believe would be of interest to the College community. They can be contacted on communications@newington.nsw.edu.au

Treehouse Theatre performs at Newington

The Treehouse Theatre is a non-profit organisation that offers a mentoring program for high school-aged refugees who have recently moved to Australia. They provide a platform for young refugees to share their life stories through theatre. Along the way, participants make new friends, learn English and have heaps of fun.

After spending the previous day on campus rehearsing, the cast performed their first show in the Drama Theatre for Year 7 on Thursday 30 May. The boys listened intently to the stories, and looking around you could see some boys with tears in their eyes as they began to comprehend the reality and the struggles that came with the stories of the young refugees. The cast performed two shows (along with a group from neighbouring schools) on Friday 31 May, one for year 9 and one for the general public at night.

Nicholas Bulley (11/LE) and I spent a lot of time with the cast, outside of their performances, getting to know them and more about their experiences. Personally, I was moved listening to Krestyan, a 20-year-old boy who at a very young age, saw his best friend get shot. Despite this, he is one of the happiest, nicest and most approachable people I have met. He has only been in Australia for six months, yet it was apparent (watching him interact with the staff from the Treehouse Theatre) how much he wanted to learn about the culture and the English language. I believe that a lot of kids my age have a lot to learn from Krestyan and his approach to life here in Australia.

Nicholas: ‘At dinner on Friday, I talked to Ahmed who had fled Iraq with his family to find a safer life. Ahmed had a clear idea that after school, he wanted to either be a doctor or an English teacher. When asked why, he said that all he wants to do is help people and make them happy, as he has seen way too much of the opposite during his life. This humbled me as it allowed me to see just how lucky we have it in Australia. Contrary to myself, Ahmed has been through so much [despite being the same age]’. 

The boys were lucky to hear the stories, and we hope they learnt something and that perhaps their views about refugees have been changed. 

To learn more about Treehouse Theatre, click here.  

Felix Laubi (11/MO) and Nicholas Bulley

Celebrating 150 Years of Rugby at Newington

On Friday 31 May, over 375 guests (a record attendance) came together at Dockside Darling Harbour for the Newington College Rugby Association Season Lunch to celebrate ‘150 Years of Rugby at Newington’. Gordan Bray AM and Justin Sampson were the MC’s for the 150-year lunch and hosted three panels of guest speakers reliving the History of Rugby at Newington.

The College is proud to have strong connections to speakers such as Bob Dwyer AM, Phil Kearns AM (ON 1984) and Simon Poidevin AM. They certainly had colourful stories to share about being on tour with the Wallabies. Digging further back into history, Graeme Macdougall (ON 1958) and John Freedman OAM reflected on how tough the game was back in their days of playing for the Wallabies. Scott Bowen (ON 1990) and Adam Byrnes (ON 1999) discussed how the game has changed through the years, and all speakers spoke of the passion and love for the game and how it should be carried on in the future.

The lunch included the launch of the book ‘150 Years of Rugby at Newington’ authored by Barry Ross, a passionate Rugby supporter, past Newington Parent, past Rugby President and sports journalist. Sample copies were available to preview ahead of the official release scheduled for Saturday 3 August at Back To Newington Day.

Copies can be pre-purchased here.
You will be directed to the online portal, use the drop-down boxes to select History of Rugby book and select the number of copies/editions you would like to purchase.

The book includes stories of past players and game results throughout the 150 years. It will make a beautiful addition to the library of any family connected with Newington. The Limited Edition is signed by notable Newingtonians and features an embossed hardcover and slipcase. A standard edition is also available. 

Thank you to everyone that attended as it was a great day to catch up with past, present and future rugby players.

Julie Gigg
Office of Community and Development

A lesson for Le Couteur: Valuing hard work for the sake of others

On Thursday 21 March, eight Year 10 Le Couteur boys with the supervision of Mr Potter travelled to the Exodus Foundation in Ashfield to serve food to people who are worse off than ourselves. This experience was the first time that Year 10 students have been involved with food preparation and service. It was tough but rewarding work. We felt the gratitude of the other volunteers and the people we served. We learned an important lesson, to value hard work for the sake of others. In addition, the experience allowed us to reflect upon how fortunate we are and that nothing should be taken for granted. Some of the people we served were much worse off than us, through no fault of their own, due to circumstances they inherited.

A food drive has been initiated to support the Exodus Foundation. Donations of non-perishable items (cans, noodles, gift cards) are being collected in Le Couteur House and delivered once a term by Year 9 or 10 students. If you would like to support the wonderful work of the Exodus Foundation, please consider donating. Crates can be found in Mr Potter’s office, in the Le Couteur locker area.

The Exodus Foundation is a not for profit organisation that has been running for 33 years, and provides meals, healthcare and other important services for Sydney’s homeless population. It was founded by Reverend Bill Crews in 1986 and has been helping the less fortunate ever since. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are provided daily at their headquarters and in various places around the city. While volunteering, we were told that each week, roughly a thousand meals leave the kitchen and go directly to people who are in need. As well as a hot meal, Exodus provides medical, dental, wellbeing and educational programs to anyone in need of some help.

Alex Forward (10/LE) and Henry Armstrong-Bailey (10/LE)

Annual Classics Dinner

On Thursday 23 May, Newington hosted the annual Classics Dinner for Senior students of Latin and Classical Greek. The dinner was attended by well over 100 students, accompanied by their teachers from many of Sydney’s schools. Many of the students dressed up for the evening in costumes depicting tragic heroines, heroes, Greek and Roman gods and even a set of Latin text books! 

Our very own caterers prepared a sumptuous Greek feast for the event, which included taramasalata, roast garlic lamb shoulder, pasticcio, souvlaki,baklava and a whole host of Hellenic treats.

Students mixed freely with one another and after sharing the food, listened to Bradley Smith (ON 2011) speak about his own classical education  at the school, and how it has helped him in his own profession in the law as he prepares to take the bar exams for becoming a barrister.

After this, the students competed in the quiz for the Greek pots on offer as prizes. There was great merriment and whoops of delight in the hall as the winners were announced and all that remained was to judge the fancy dress competition. The first prize was awarded to a school with a tableau presenting Dido on her funeral pyre, many of the girls dressed up as tree logs! 

Thanks must go to Miss Triantafyllou for her organisation and Bea Standen and her staff for the exceptional job they did with the catering. 

Mark Chambers
Latin and Classical Greek Teacher

Careers Expo 2019

The Newington College Careers Expo is rapidly gaining a reputation as something of a drought breaker. For the third year in a row, the heavens opened up on Expo day. We are thinking of moving it a few weeks earlier next year.

Undeterred, a sizeable crowd attended this important event on Tuesday 4 June. Centenary Hall was resplendent with the various Universities, Colleges and institutions that make up the wide variety of options available to the modern student. Deputy Head of Stanmore (Academic), Trent Driver was compelling and entertaining as he busted many myths about the university application process. A wonderful throng of Old Newingtonians and parents provided the boys with the wisdom of their experiences in the wider world, including a dozen current university students who shared their study stories.

Special thanks to Director of Community and Development, Rod Bosman (ON 1978), Mr Driver and the catering staff for their support.

No amount of thanks can repay Careers Admin Assistant, Sabine Tanase, for the mountain of work she put in to ensure The Careers Expo is one of the smoothest events on the Newington calendar.

Shane Serhon
Head of Careers

From the Nurse

This article is the last ‘From the Nurse’ in Black & White. After 14 years of thinking ‘what shall I write about?’, I now won’t have to do that anymore! Health information is available in so many different ways that the newsletter format is no longer necessary. I will still post info on Spaces as varying issues come to light at school.

I will finish with a checklist of positive health tips which have been covered over the years:

  • Wash your hands
  • Eat a balanced diet
  • Make sure your vaccinations are up to date
  • Drink water
  • Get regular exercise
  • Donate blood and become an organ donor
  • Look after your relationships
  • Find a GP you can talk to
  • Learn new things
  • Use mindfulness
  • Get a good nights’ sleep
  • Enjoy the outdoors
  • Socialise
  • Visit the dentist
  • Report any symptoms early
  • Maintain a healthy weight
  • Spend time with a pet
  • Think more positively
  • Laugh often

Sister Margaret Bates
School Nurse

Johnnie Taylor and the A.I.F. Cricket Team

One of the questions facing the authorities in the Allied armies after the fighting of the First World War ceased was how to keep the soldiers entertained during the huge task of repatriation and demobilisation.

In relation to the Australian troops, the obvious answer was sport. In AIF units in France, Belgium, England, Egypt, Palestine and Mesopotamia, a range of sports, including cricket, rugby, football (soccer), tennis, athletics and boxing, were organised, along with competitions between battalions and higher formations. In January 1919, an AIF Sports Control Board was established to oversee the whole enterprise.

Moves had already been started by the English and Australian cricket authorities late in 1918 to organise a tour of England by a team made up of Australian servicemen. After the AIF Board took over organisation of the tour, a call was made to units in England and Europe and, by April, a team of fourteen players had been selected, while another five participated later. Seven team members were officers, but their captain for most of the team’s existence was a lance-corporal.

A natural choice for selection was Gunner John Morris “Johnnie” Taylor. Regarded as Newington’s greatest ever sportsman, Taylor had studied at the College between 1906 and 1915. Outstanding in cricket, rugby, rifle shooting and athletics, he won the Triple Badge four times. He played in Newington’s 1st XI from 1909, aged only 14, until the end of the 1914–15 season, including service as Captain. He scored twelve centuries and three double centuries and played Sheffield Shield for NSW while still at school. After enlisting in 1916 he served in the Artillery on the Western Front. Between 1920 and 1926, despite the effects of wartime knee injuries, he scored 997 runs in twenty Tests and 1299 runs in twenty-one Sheffield Shield matches. The Newingtonian noted that his popularity was ‘as much on account of his unfailing good temperament and his proverbial modesty.’

The AIF team’s tour of the United Kingdom took in 33 matches, including three in Scotland, between May and September 1919. This was followed by ten matches in South Africa between October and December. The team was disbanded after matches against Victoria, Queensland and New South Wales early in 1920. 39 of their 46 matches were regarded as first-class and they had only four defeats. They had played a significant role in re-building Australian cricket after the War, with six members, including Taylor, becoming Test players.

David Roberts
College Archivist

Banner image: The Australian Imperial Forces XI cricket team come out to field at Bramall Lane, Sheffield, 16 June 1919 (Australian War Memorial).

Sport report

Congratulations to the 2019 Winter sport captains:

Australian Rules Football – Max Hochuli (12/JN)
Cross Country – Archie Cuttance (12/FL) 
Fencing – Leon Qian (12/MA) 
Football – Tom Sutton (12/MA)
Rifle Shooting – Nicholas Malakonakis (12/ME)
Rugby – Jacob Ratcliff (12/ME) 
Volleyball – Kevin Tran (12/PR)

Cross Country

Well done to the following boys who earned section in the GPS teams for the CIS Cross Country:

Phillip Antipas (7/KL) – U12
Hugo Willington (7/MA) – U13
William Salmon (7/MO) – U13
Oscar Sutherland (8/LE) – U13
Thomas Inglis (8/MO) – U14   
James Southon (8/LE) – U14
Amedeou Hardyanto (9/PR) – U15
Curtis Mackinnon (10/FL) – U15
Makenzie Kautz (10/JN) – U16
Angus Beer (12/ME) – U17 
Ned Stevens (12/LE) – U18       

All students will be running to qualify for the CIS Secondary Cross Country Team which will then go on to compete at the NSW All Schools Cross Country Championships. Good luck to all.


Congratulations to Newington students, Will Creighton (11/LE), Charlie Ragg (10/KL), Gaelen Dorigo (10/ME) and Connor Stock (10/LE) on being selected for the GPS Under-16 Representative Team at the CIS Under-16 Championships. The boys acquitted themselves very well and overall the standard was very high and a great experience for the boys. Well done to the GPS team who were undefeated.

Well done to the following boys on their recent selection in the AAGPS Football Teams, Tom Sutton (Vice Captain), Nicholas Condon (12/FL), Joel Phillips (12/JN), Jackson Sumich (11/MO), Thomas McCoubrie (11/ME) and late withdrawal (due to injury), Christopher Iannuzzi (12/MO). All the boys performed very well in a high quality tournament, drawing 0-0 with eventual winners CAS and coming back from 2-0 down to earn a superb 2-2 draw to runners up AICES.  AAGPS finished in 3rd place after two wins and a draw.