25 Aug 2017

Faith Matters

A prayer of even little faith can achieve great things.

A visiting preacher told the congregation that anyone needing prayer should come forward, though inwardly he was thinking about his past lack of results. Thirty people responded and he prayed for them. Later that week a woman called and said, “Last Sunday you prayed for my husband. He had cancer, and he died.” “Much good my prayers did,” he thought. The lady continued, “When we walked into church my husband was angry. He wanted to see his grandchildren grow up, and every day he cursed God. Being around him was unbearable. But after you prayed for him he walked out a different person. His last days were the best we’d ever had; we talked, laughed, and sang hymns together. He wasn’t cured, but he was healed.”

Only God knows why some are healed while others aren’t. But we are assured that God’s purposes are for our ultimate good.

Peter Morphew – College Chaplain


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