07 Jun 2019

Lindfield Music Concert

Each year, all the boys perform at the Lindfield Concert.  This year the Concert will take place on 25 June at 6:30pm in Centenary Hall, Stanmore.

There is an over-arching theme of Dreams. The theme is very loose, some pieces fit easily, others you have to dig a little. Dreams could be interpreted as part of the sleeping process and therefore also the waking up from sleep. Dreams can also be seen as being things that you can aspire to or imagine that you can achieve.

The Concert will begin and end with whole school songs. Between these bookmarks all the boys will sing as part of their stage choir. For the boys in Years 2, 3, 4 and 5 they will also be playing the instruments they are learning as part of the class instrumental program. This is a great achievement, especially for those in Year 2 and 4 and also some of the boys in Year 5 as these groups of boys have only been learning their instrument for less than 6 months. (They should all be playing and working on their piece at home every day!) 

The final group of performers are those in the School Ensembles – Band, Strings, Choir and Year 6 Jazz Group. All these groups rehearse before School and during recess or lunch. They put a great deal of effort and time into learning a selection of repertoire.

The boys are working on these items at school with some music and words getting sent home to be learnt. It is a fun night and the focus is on the boys’ enjoyment and participation in the music program at Lindfield.

I hope you enjoy the evening.

Vanessa South – Music Co-ordinator


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