23 Jun 2017

Professor Maths

Last week we had an exciting incursion during school. Professor Maths came to visit. In each workshop with Professor Maths the boys worked in small groups to work through a number of problem solving tasks and challenges. Each challenge required the boys to share their ideas and communicate their thinking within their group.

As the boys worked through each problem solving game some of the tasks were ‘Super Challenges’. This meant when they completed a Super Challenge together they were able to put on the high-visibility mathematics vest, a wig and a pair of glasses.

The boys all appeared to enjoy their sessions with Professor Maths with many boys saying they liked working in teams because it was helpful when the tasks became challenging.

Here are some of Junior Primary’s thoughts about their experiences:

Sasha Herbst (Year 2)

  • I liked the marble challenge. Professor Maths had a pet unicorn. He taught us shapes like a hexapod.

Jaiden Sookia (Year 2)

  • I liked doing the challenge with the blocks where you had to build a cube with the top being red then blue. I liked the big bubble when he put someone inside it.

Zavier Wang (Year 1)

  • It was fun because we got to do all these activities. My group almost completed three Super Challenges.

Oliver Cooper (Year 1)

  • He was very funny. My favourite activity was the Frog game because it was hard and we had to figure it out together.

Alex Klingberg (Kindergarten)

  • It was good. I liked the games we did. We did lots of Professor Maths Challenges. We played lots of games and he put a kid into a bubble.

Sam Allan (Kindergarten)

  • He was very crazy. I liked the games because they were really challenging. My favourite was the Frog game because I couldn’t do it and then Professor Maths helped us.

Isobelle Best – Year 2 Teacher (acting)


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