28 Jun 2019

Technology – Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

In Year 4, the boys have been exploring how we use technology in our lives and what impact it has had upon us. We started by looking at how we define technology, before exploring examples based upon that definition. What we discovered helped us broaden our understanding of technology’s purpose and how it has changed the world.

Originally, we defined technology purely in a digital sense. The most modern of technology is a huge part of our lives and we rely upon it every day. However, we then started to realise that technology can be anything, based in science, that we could use to solve problems. This discovery opened our minds to a world beyond the digital. This included manufacturing, medical, industrial and communications technologies.

As much as the unit was about technology and its impact on the world, it allowed the boys to be creative with their own inventions and open-minded to new possibilities. It gave them a greater scope to explore what impact their own ideas could have on the world around them. They showed that they are capable of going beyond surface thinking and dig deeper to discover what’s possible.

We are called the “Lucky Country” for many reasons. Yet, we may not realise that we have created new ideas that have changed the world. Perhaps, we are smarter than we think. The black box; Wi-Fi; spray-on skin; cochlear implants and electronic pacemakers are a few of the amazing inventions for which we are responsible. Once the boys realised this through their research, they began to imagine the possibilities that they could create one day.

The future is now, and we are only limited by our imaginations. The boys proved that they have great ideas that can solve some of the problems we face every day. Our hope is that we can continue to foster initiative, promote imagination and support the generations of today and tomorrow to be bold and brave in their creative endeavours.

Mr Simon Edwards – Year 4 Teacher


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