15 Mar 2019

Year 4 Explore Newington of the Past

History of Newington College, Lindfield

 As a part of the boys’ exploration of historical people and events that have shaped our world today, the Year 4 boys have also been excited to learn more about the history of the Lindfield Campus, its staff and former students. We gathered previous copies of The Newingtonian, our College year book, dating back to 1966.

The purpose of the exercise was twofold. Firstly, we wanted to practise our summarising skills we had learned the day before through popular nursery rhymes. Secondly, it was another way we wished to explore how people and events from our past shaped the community of today.

The boys’ initial reaction was that of awe and fascination when they opened the pages of their allocated edition. They targeted the section devoted to the Lindfield Campus, reading about life at school for the boys and staff of those times. What they discovered was intriguing for boys of the 21st century.  We learned about such events as our successes in local gardening competitions and attending Crusaders Camps at Galston Gorge and Lake Macquarie, as we still do today. The boys discovered how much the physical environment had changed over the years and how the learning and sporting aspects of Lindfield had developed into what we see in 2019.

The boys loved the idea of delving into the past, acting like historians to find important and relevant information to share with others. They call themselves detectives because they gather evidence and piece together the clues to work out what their research will look like in the end.  The boys have realised how important reading, discussing and analysing data is to their journey through time and the positive effect these skills have on their overall learning.

Simon Edwards – Year 4 Teacher


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