27 Sep 2019

Year 4 Fairytales 

Over the past few weeks, the boys in Year 4 have been exploring alternative versions of well known fairytales. The whole class was engrossed in “The Wolf’s Story”, a retelling of “Little Red Riding Hood” from the wolf’s perspective. The boys examined how the original story had changed and how the author used the characters to form a viable and alternative version that readers could believe.  

The boys heard the story read to them a number of times. They formed opinions about the changes in the stories and created questions for the characters. It was at this point that the boys engaged in the character “Hot Seat”. Just as in an interrogation, each character was put under the spotlight by the class to determine the reasons for the characters’ words and actions.  

The boys became investigative reporters and wrote a short news report read for filming as a segment on the Year 4 News. Using their Green Screen App, the boys created a news set and delivered their report to the camera. The boys were brilliant in the way they delivered.  

Following this initial examination of such a story, the boys were given other traditional versions to popular fairytales to read. The boys were very excited to choose one and rewrite one of their own and give a certain twist to some of the characters’ purpose as well as the plot and setting. So far, they have been very keen to share their stories with the class.  

The joy and enthusiasm with which the boys engaged in their writing was palpable. They wrote some amazing stories and were keen to each other’s stories. I, too, was caught up in the joy of the writing as we now prepare to share the stories with the school community. 

Simon Edwards – Year 4 Teacher 



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