23 Jun 2017

Year 6 Exhibition

At the beginning of Week 7 of this term, the Year 6 boys began their PYP Exhibition Journey under the Transdisciplinary Theme of How We Express Ourselves. The boys have been looking forward to this time of year immensely and have started the initial activities in earnest.

The PYP Exhibition is the exclusive domain of Year 6 students and is the culmination of their understanding of how learning under the PYP Framework happens. The boys lead the way in every aspect of the Exhibition with a presentation evening on 22 August 2017.  Please put this date in your diary to attend this fascinating event.

The Central Idea for this year’s Exhibition is “People’s actions and ideas are influenced by their understanding of the world around them.” It allows for a wide variety of issues and passions for the boys to explore and share with the wider community. In small groups, they will spend the first 6 weeks of Term 3 expanding their knowledge and understanding of their chosen issue using the Design Thinking Process…SPARK DISCOVER IMAGINE EXPLORE SOLVE.

There will be exciting new aspects to the boys learning journeys this year and it will be an intriguing aspect to their Year 6 experience. All teaching are involved in the journey with the boys, acting as supervising teachers or mentors. The boys are fully supported and guided when necessary.

We hope that as many of you as possible will be able to see the end result in Term 3. There will be information sent via all available mediums throughout the term. The boys are excited to share their learning with all of you.

Mr Simon Edwards – 6B Class Teacher



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