31 Aug 2017

Tournament of Minds – Regional Finals

Dear Parents and Boys, 

Each of our eight teams performed well at the Regional Finals, delivering high quality presentations and displaying flair and creativity when solving the spontaneous challenge. High levels of collaboration, autonomy and ability to rise to the occasion were tremendous to see amongst the Wyvern boys. 

Later on I will provide each individual team with specific written feedback about their presented solutions, where they did very well and where they could have improved. 

Special praise goes to Teams 3, 6 and 7 for winning honours in their categories.  

Team 3’s lotto machine worked to a high standard and the judges were impresed with the explanation of the machine’s manipulation in the Maths/Engineering category. They also enjoyed the witty script. 

Team 6’s ability to write a script that specifically identified each of the scoring criteria in a clear manner, along with the ability to portray a sense of fun when delivering their long term challenge, really impressed the judges in the tough Language/Literature category.  With each team member being in Years 3 and 4, this team deserves special recognition because most of their opposing teams were made up of clever students from Years 5 and 6 from many quality schools. 

Team 7 presented a script in a style that allowed the judges to clearly identify the  merging of two cultures in the Social Sciences category that had 28 competing teams. The judges were very impressed. Well done to this team that was made up of seven diverse personalities!  Of all the teams that presented at the Regional Finals, they were the closest to winning 1st prize!  

To conclude, I would like to thank all parents for your wonderful support which allowed the boys to participate in Tournament of Minds.  

Reinier Jessurun
Tournament of Minds Facilitator


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