15 Jun 2017

A Message from Mr Holden

With one week left of this term, I reflect on a very busy and productive few weeks. Alongside their normal lessons, boys have been involved in many other activities including music concerts, excursions, our literature festival and school camps to name a few. I thank all parents for your practical support of these valuable activities. In our final few days of this semester we look forward to the K-2 Music Showcase (tomorrow at 8:45am) and the Year 5 Learning Showcase (Thursday 22nd June at 6:00pm).

Semester 1 student reports will be available online from Thursday 22nd June. Please click here for further instructions as to how to access your son’s report. The report format identifies your son’s key strengths as well as areas for future learning in all subjects. We hope that this will allow for purposeful discussions at the parent teacher meetings scheduled early in Term 3 (1st August and 3rd August). Details of how to book a time slot for these meetings will be sent to you at the start of next term.

We are finalising enrolments for entry to the Newington College ELC scheduled to open in 2018. If you are interested in registering your son or daughter in the 3 or 4 years  program in 2018 and have not yet done so please contact the Admissions department on 9568 9337 no later than June 23rd.

I also write to inform you that for Term 4 of this year I am taking a period of long service leave. Wyvern will be in very good hands whilst I am away from school as Ms Sandra Gray, our very capable and experienced Deputy (K-3), will be Acting Head.                                                                                                                              

I hope that the upcoming winter break provides an opportunity for some quality family time and for boys to refresh and to recharge their batteries. I look forward to seeing boys return to school for Term 3 on Monday 17th July.

Ian Holden
Head of Wyvern House

Achievement Awards & House Points

 The following achievement awards were awarded at Assembly:


2M Hari Das
2M Gus Klinebeg
2M Ethan Peters

House Points

 8 4 4 4

Artist of the Week

3 – 6 Artists of the Week

This week’s artist of the week has Year 4 completing their studies on Simryn Gill and her work ‘Roadkill’.

The artwork speaks about making the insignificant significant. Her installation includes discarded household items on wheels, thus giving them new meaning and purpose. The Year 4 boys were able to make household objects out of air drying clay with attached wheels. These comical and interesting artworks will be displayed at the Wyvern Biennale in Term 3.

Congratulations to Daniel Carter and Vishay Modi for their original works.


Year 5 have also completed their artworks for their ‘Journey’ unit. This year, they were photographed as the character that they were to write about in their ‘Journey’ story. There were lots of interesting and intriguing characters doing amazing things.

Congratulations to Oscar Mcleod, Destyn Diep, William Kah and Harry Power for their extraordinary watercolour pieces.

Meredith Buining
Visual Art Teacher

Clubs & Extra Curricular Activities at Wyvern Term 3

Dear Parents,

Please find attached Club and Extra Curricular Activities at Wyvern – Term 3 below. Once you click on the link below select the activity you are interested in and it will take you to the relevant Space Page on SPACES. Please note that not all activities are linked yet as. Will update again when this is all finalised. 

Term 3 Clubs and Extra-Curricular Activities at Wyvern

Please refer to SPACES for more information regarding the Clubs and Activities.

Kind regards

Wyvern Office

Thinkuknow.org.au has the answers to promote positive conversations around sensible digital citizens

After being a parent for almost a year now I can relate to the phrase ‘it takes a village to raise to a child.’ Without the help of family, friends, next door neighbours and work collegues my wife and I would not be able to do the job that we are doing, raising our daughter. If we think of the village as not only those whom we converse with but as the digital village, we open up a whole new minefield of mixed opinions and advice.

Where can we go to get sound advice about how to navigate our children through the complexities of digital citizenship and how to instill sensible and respectful behaviour online?

An organisation sponsored by the Australian Federal Police, Microsoft, Datacom and Commonwealth Bank called ‘Think U Know’ offers an excellent resource for schools, teachers and parents. Situated in the website https://www.thinkuknow.org.au/parents-portal parents can find answers and strategies to many challenging questions around digital citizenship. 

An excellent resource found here is a comprehensive list on how to apply parental controls to technologies in the home. These include Apple devices, Samsung, Microsoft, Xbox and PlayStation. It is a good idea to understand how to use these parental controls effectively to ensure our children are safe online.

In terms of parental control, we need to ensure that we are not blocking our children from what is out there but instead guiding them through the use of online tools. A proactive approach needs to be taken and educating and guiding your child through the correct choices online is imperative for success here. This is where creating a contract with your child about how to navigate the Internet can provide the backbone to a sensible digital citizen. A guideline on how to frame this discussion and contract can also be found in the same section of the Think U Know website.

As always, if you have any questions about this or you would like to discuss this further, please do not hesitate in contacting me or popping in to see me in my office at Wyvern. I will also be discussing other strategies and resources for parents at tonight’s (Thursday 8th June) P and F meeting. Hopefully I will see you there.


Tony Cross
eLearning – Wyvern House and Lindfield Preparatory School

Faith Matters

Rivers nor Reservoirs!

One reason the Dead Sea is a big tourist attraction is because it’s got such high mineral concentrations that even non-swimmers can stay afloat in its waters. The only problem is that, because it has no outlets, any fresh water that comes in quickly becomes contaminated. Solomon said, “Be stingy and lose everything. The generous … prosper.” God never intended us to be reservoirs that just take in; He called us to be rivers that flow out to bless others. Something interesting happens when you stop focusing on yourself and get concerned with other people’s needs.

So if you need a job today, volunteer at a soup kitchen while you’re looking for work. If you’re praying for an increase in your business, pour yourself into somebody else’s business and ask God to prosper them. The Bible says when you “Give generously … your gifts will return to you later.” Even if you don’t have a specific need right now, sow a seed of kindness anyway. Only God knows what the future holds, and one day when you need it the most, it’ll come back to bless you with a harvest.

Rev Peter Morphew

Flyers in Bookstand

Martial Arts – Kung Fu Action at Wyvern

Term 2 Clubs and Extra Curricular Activities at Wyvern 


Greek School

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Oshclub – Wyvern’s Before and After School Care Provider

Wyvern’s Before and After School Care Program is run by OSHClub. Enrolment for all students is recommended and allows parents to easily manage their before and after school care needs via an online account. Visit www.oshclub.com.au to use the free enrolment service.

For all late bookings, please contact the Coordinator on 0428 131 700. OSHClub’s head office number is (03) 8564 9000 Click here for the OSHClub Information Flyer.

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OSHClub Team


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Term Dates 2017

Term 1 – Monday 30 January to Friday 7 April

Monday 30 January Classes commence for Years 1-6 
Tuesday  31 January Classes commence for Kindergarten
Friday 7 April Classes conclude

Term 2  – Wednesday 26 April to Friday 23 June

Wednesday 26 April Classes commence 
Friday 9 June Staff PD – Student Free Day
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Term Dates 2018

Term 1  – Monday 29 January to Friday 13 April

Monday 29 January Classes commence for Years 1-6 
Tuesday  30 January Classes commence for Kindergarten
Thursday 29 March Classes conclude for Easter break
Tuesday 3 April School resumes after Easter break
Friday 13 April Classes conclude

Term 2  – Monday 30 April to Friday 29 June

Monday 30 April Classes commence 
Friday 8 June Staff PD – Student Free Day
Monday 11 June Queen’s Birthday Public Holiday
Friday 29 June Classes conclude

Term 3 – Monday 23 July to Friday 28 September

Monday 23 July Classes commence 
Monday 3 September Staff PD – Student Free Day (tbc)
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Term 4 – Monday 15 October to Thursday 6 December

Monday 15 October Classes commence 
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Year 4 Luna Park Excursion

Year 4 visited Luna Park as part of their STEM curriculum, which allowed the boys to explore the world of Physics, Technology, Engineering and Maths. The ‘Physics is Fun’ program led the boys through the park discovering new and fascinating ways to understand Science.