30 May 2019

A Message from Mr Holden

Last week we had the pleasure of a visit from some Newington Senior School students to participate in National Simultaneous Storytime with students from Kindergarten to Year 2. National Simultaneous Storytime is an annual campaign that aims to encourage more young Australians to read and enjoy books. Every year a picture book, written and illustrated by an Australian author and illustrator, is read simultaneously in libraries, schools, pre-schools, childcare centres, family homes and bookshops. This year the book was ‘Alpacas with Maracas’ written and illustrated by Matt Cosgrove. It was wonderful for our boys to see first-hand the pleasure our eldest Newington students still derive from reading and storytelling.

A respectful reminder for parents who use the Wyvern carpark drop off and pickup facility to observe the below safety rules:

1.   To avoid lengthy queues forming in Harrow Road please do not arrive at the car park entrance before
      the following times:

           i.  3:05pm for Years K-2
          ii.  3:20pm for Years 3-6

2.   Do not get out of your car when dropping off or picking up your son.

3.   Ensure your son’s surname is displayed clearly on sun visor.

4.   Ensure your son can leave and access your car via the left curb-side doors.

5.   No cars are allowed to wait in the car park. If for any reason your son is not in the car park at the end
      of the day you must leave via Cambridge Street and re-enter from the Harrow Road entry.

6.   Observe all safety regulations, including national child restraint laws when travelling with young
      children in cars. Click here

7.   Please treat all staff assisting in the carpark with respect.

Currently Newington’s Early Learning Centre is conducting 2020 enrolment interviews for the 3 Year old and 4 Year old programs. Should you or any of your friends or relatives be interested in securing a place, please contact our Director of Admissions Mrs Yvonne Kaloterakis on 9568 9337.

A reminder that Friday 7 June is a pupil free day followed by the public holiday on Monday 10 June. I do hope that you are able to catch your breath over this long weekend after what has been a very busy few weeks at Wyvern.

Ian Holden
Head of Wyvern House

Achievement Awards

 The following achievement awards were awarded at Assembly:

K – 2 Assembly 

17.5.19 1Y Qasim Khanbhai
17.5.19 1Y Ryan Hsieh
24.5.19 2B Eli Langman

3 – 6 Assembly

27.5.19 3J Finlay Shaw
27.5.19 4A Jim Michos
27.5.19 4A Richard Wilson


Artists of the Week

K – 2 Artists of the Week

Year 2 have been looking at movement in art and exploring all the ways artists can represent the idea of motion.  For this particular artwork, Year 2 turned 2D paper into a 3D interactive artwork through the process of origami.  Kurt, Ned and Oscar have created brightly coloured and balanced artworks that show a fantastic use of colour, pattern and line.  Well done, boys!

Yelena Rubie
K-2 Visual Arts Teacher


3 – 6 Artists of the Week

Artist of the week comes from Year 4.The boys studied installation artist – Simryn Gil. Her work is about making small insignificant things powerful by altering the structure of them, and installing them in a way that makes the work look like a herd.  The boys made cars using small, recycled household items. They added parts including wheels, logos and other materials to make different types of cars and  trucks. They also made animations using the cars as subject matter.

Congratulations to Jack Cornish and Max Filleti for their amazing sculptures. Their work can be found in the cabinet in the corridor below the ‘Artist of the Week’ sign.

Meredith Buining
3-6 Visual Arts Teacher

Battery Recycling at Wyvern

Dear Parents,

We encourage all Wyvern students to recycle their used batteries. Students can bring from home their used batteries and deposit them in the Recycling Bucket which is housed in Wyvern office.

Thank you 

Wyvern Office

Clubs & Extra Curricular Activities at Wyvern – Term 2

Dear Parents,

Please find the 2019 Clubs and Extra Curricular Activities at Wyvern – Term 2 below.

Term 2 Clubs and Extra-Curricular Activities at Wyvern

Kind regards

Wyvern Office

National Simultaneously Storytime

It’s a record! Over 1000000 participants in Australia and New Zealand read Matt Cosgrove’s ‘Alpacas with Maracas’ for the 19th National Simultaneous Storytime at 11am this morning. At Wyvern, the K to 2 students kicked off NSS by gathering in the Library to hear Matt Cosgrove, Jimmy Rees and two very cute alpacas, Macca and Al, read the story to us via the big screen. We had some very special guests, former Wyvern students who are now Senior School Leaders, and Senior School Library staff, join us for the celebration. After the reading, it was back to the classroom to spend time decorating our maracas for the K to 2 Talent Show. The Senior Leaders used their creative talents to assist the boys in this task.

Mrs Barnes

Next Two Weeks


Week 6

Mon 3 Wyvern Shop 7.30am – 9.00am
  Winter sport training, 1.40pm
Tue 4 Wyvern Shop 2.30pm – 4.00pm
Wed 5 Year 6 Excursion to Canberra
  3-6 Chapel, 11.00am
  K-2 Second Step, 11.00am
  Winter sport training, 1.40pm
Thu 6 Wyvern Shop 7.30am – 9.00am
  Year 6 return from Canberra
Fri 7 IPSHA Debating, Round 3 – BYE
  Staff Day – Pupil Free Day
Sat 8 No Sport
  Queen’s Birthday Weekend
Sun 9  


Week 7

Mon 10 Queen’s Birthday Public Holiday – Pupil Free Day
Tue 11 Wyvern Shop 2.30pm – 4.00pm
  Interviews Years 3 & 5 2021
Wed 12 Interviews Years 3 & 5 2021
  Year 2 Excursion to the Powerhouse Museum
  K-2 Chapel, 11.00am
  3-6 Second Step, 11.00am
  Winter sport training, 1.40pm
Thu 13 Wyvern Shop 7.30am – 9.00am
  Interviews Years 3 & 5 2021
  CIS Cross Country Carnival
  P&F General Meeting with special guest speaker Dr Judith Locke – ‘Helping your child become confident and capable at school‘, Wyvern Hall, 6.30pm – 8.15pm
Fri 14 Interviews Years 3 & 5 2021
  Wyvern Music Showcase Rehearsal – whole day
  K-2 Assembly, 12.30pm
Sat 15 Winter Sport Round 6
Sun 16  

OshClub – Wyvern’s Before and After School Care Provider

Wyvern’s Before and After School Care Program is run by OSHClub. Enrolment for all students is recommended and allows parents to easily manage their before and after school care needs via an online account. Visit www.oshclub.com.au to use the free enrolment service.

For all late bookings, please contact the Coordinator Adam Vilimaa on 0428 131 700. OSHClub’s head office number is (03) 8564 9000 Click here for the OSHClub Information Flyer.

Newsletter, click here

Kind regards

Adam Vilimaa
Program Co-ordinator


Sports Draw, Click here

Sports Newsletter, Click here 

Sports Results and Match Reports, Click here

Sporting Venue Addresses, Click here

2019 Sports Handbook, Click here

Term Dates 2019

Term 1  – Tuesday 29 January to Friday 12 April

Tuesday 29 January Classes commence for Years 1-6 
Wednesday 30 January Classes commence for Kindergarten
Friday 12 April Classes conclude

Term 2  – Monday 29 April to Friday 28 June

Monday 29 April Classes commence 
Friday 7 June Staff PD – Pupil Free Day
Monday 10 June Queen’s Birthday Public Holiday
Friday 28 June Classes conclude

Term 3 – Monday 22 July to Friday 27 September

Monday 22 July Classes commence 
Monday 19 August Staff PD – Pupil Free Day
Friday 27 September Classes conclude

Term 4 – Monday 14 October to Wednesday 4 December

Monday 14 October Classes commence 
Tuesday 3 December Classes conclude for K-2 students
Wednesday 4 December Classes conclude – Prize Giving Years 3-6


Term Dates 2020

Term 1  – Tuesday 28 January to Thursday 9 April

Tuesday 28 January Classes commence for Years 1-6 
Wednesday 29 January Classes commence for Kindergarten
Monday  16 March Newington Long Weekend – Pupil Free Day
Thursday  9 April Classes conclude

Term 2  – Monday 27 April to Friday 26 June

Monday 27 April Classes commence 
Friday 5 June Staff PD – Pupil Free Day
Monday 8 June Queen’s Birthday Public Holiday
Friday 26 June Classes conclude

Term 3 – Monday 20 July to Friday 25 September

Monday 20 July Classes commence 
Friday 14 August Staff PD – Pupil Free Day – TBC
Monday 17 August Newington Long Weekend – Pupil Free Day
Friday 25 September Classes conclude

Term 4 – Monday 12 October to Friday 4 December

Monday 12 October Classes commence 
Thursday 3 December Classes conclude – K-2
Friday 4 December Classes conclude – Prize Giving Years 3-6




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Kind regards

Wyvern Office

Uniform Shop

Dear Parents,

Wyvern Uniform Roster Term 2 Weeks 6 and 7, Click here

Nicole Williams
Uniform Shop Manager – Wyvern, Newington College

Mon & Thurs – 7:30am to 9:00am
Tues – 2:30pm to 4:00pm


Year 4 Great Aussie Bush Camp

Year 4 boys and staff had an incredible time at The Great Aussie Bush Camp. It was three days and two nights packed full of physical and mental challenge which our boys embraced in excellent Wyvern spirit. They took to great heights – literally! and worked to support each other through some enormously brave feats out of their comfort zone. These included the Leap of Faith, Giant Swing, and the Climbing Wall. Then there was the mud run which can only be described as a ton of muddy fun! So many great moments shared and memories made.

Sara Hastie
Year 4 Teacher