12 May 2015

Jack Scott (ON 2012) – Studying Acting at WAAPA

Jack Scott’s talent and enthusiasm for theatre, improv and acting have found the perfect home at the prestigious and internationally reknowned Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA). This year, he commenced the three year Bachelor of Acting at WAAPA, via an extremely competitive audition process. WAAPA is recognised nationally and internationally for the quality of its graduates and provides the most comprehensive range of performing arts training in Australia.  He will be joining the ranks of alumni Hugh Jackman, Marcus Graham, William McInness, Tim Minchin and Eddie Perfect.

According to Jack, the Bachelor of Acting is a challenging and difficult course, first year concentrating on skills and techniques but he is overjoyed to be studying it.  Jack was drawn in by Drama in Year 7 at Newington and says by Year 12 Drama at Newington had developed considerably and grown from strength to strength. He loved improv theatre at Newington and says “There is nothing more thrilling than live comedy.” He was involved with  State wide Theatresports competitions necessitating quick thinking, spontaneity and trust  to create inspired and unrehearsed performances at just a moment’s notice.

After Newington, Jack spent two busy years building repertoire and skills in everything acting related. In his first year after Newington, Jack took part in over 60 improv shows including performing with his comedy troupe, The Bear Pack with school mate Reuben Ward (ON 2012) at the 2013 Sydney Comedy Festival and the UNSW Arts Revue. In 2014, he concentrated on theatre productions and plays including Attempts on Her Life, a play by Martin Krimp which was taken on tour to Brisbane. He says “I put my hand up and volunteered for every acting opportunity I could. There is always someone else to take your place, if you don’t.”

His dream in ten years’ time is to be working in the industry in either theatre, radio, comedy, radio or TV, or a residency with the Belvoir or STC.