23 Aug 2016

Jack de Lacy (11/ME) featured in Biennale of Sydney Student Newspaper

Congratulations to Visual Arts student¬†Jack De Lacy (11/ME) whose essay was accepted and published in the¬†20th Biennale of Sydney Student Newspaper. His essay that explores the question ‘Discuss the role and significance of restaging and reinterpreting historic works for a contemporary context’ was described as ‘interesting, insightful and engaging’ by the Melissa Ratliff, Curator and Manager of the Public Programs and Education division of the Biennale of Sydney.

Jack’s essay draws on three artists at the Biennale this year – Justene Williams, Ming Wong and Shahryar Nashat. In his essay he provides a comparative study of how these artists have added value in meaning by harking back to works by other artist at a different moment in time. Jack says ‘By restaging an artwork, artists create new meaning and build off the work of others. In doing so, a progression or adaption of understanding and ideas is shown’.

‘Under the 20th Biennale theme, The future is already here – it’s just not evenly distributed, historic works highlight our societal movement into the future, offering an understanding of the present, past and our identity that is moulding, and becoming, the future’.

To read Jack’s full essay, click here



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