11 Feb 2014

A Message from the Head of Stanmore

“The greatest glory in living lies not in never failing, but in rising every time we fail.”
Nelson Mandela

Welcome back!

On behalf of the secondary staff, may I extend a big welcome back to the entire Newington College community for the new year. I especially extend a warm welcome to our 220 new Year 7 families. Our school population now totals 1316 boys with our pastoral structure ensuring that every boy is a name, not a number!

Mandela’s quote above is a timely reminder that we should not fear failure in the classroom, on the sports-field or in our relationships. More importantly we must focus on our response. This year we must become more resilient in order to make the transition from being a good school to a great one! In order to do so, I encourage all boys this year to step out of their comfort zones and challenge themselves. Do something very different; confident in the knowledge that you will be supported by your Newington brothers, the staff and the wider community. I urge all families to embrace the excellent Year 12 motto for 2014 “Be you, be true, be New!’

In addition I welcome the following new secondary teaching and administrative staff to Newington:

  • Trent Driver – Deputy Head of Stanmore – Academic
  • Julie Burke – Head of Middle Years
  • Matthew Chadwick (Science)
  • Ian Crook (Director of Football)
  • Bob Egerton (Science)
  • Elizabeth Forgan (Absentee Officer)
  • Katherine Francis (Visual Arts)
  • Katie Goldsmith (Geography)
  • Karina Huinao (Science – Sydney Uni intern)
  • Stephen Lawson (Maths)
  • Alison Rout (Library, Information and Research)
  • Gina Simmonds (Library Operations Manager)
  • Emily Stace (Collections and Systems Technician)
  • Ryan Moar (Water Polo)
  • Mike Partridge (English/Rowing)
  • Angela Poulios (EA to the Headmaster)
  • Greg Royle (Tennis)
  • Peter Ellis (Technology)
  • Ross Turner (PDHPE/Cricket)
  • Peter Wilkins (PDHPE)
  • Pat Craddock – (English – Semester 1)
  • Nicole Aradas (Digital Media and Electronic Resources Technician)
  • Lily Cakir (Learning & Teaching Librarian)
  • Ben Williams (1 year – Drama/English & PRS)
  • James Walsh (1 year – PDHPE)
  • Rod Bosman (Director of Community & Development)

Academic Success

We were very pleased with the academic results for 2013. A full independent analysis has now occurred. Our 2013 HSC cohort results were very good. There were 22 HSC boys in the top 5% of the state. In the IB Diploma cohort the results were even more impressive. Over 70% of the IB boys achieved an ATAR of over 90 (top 10%) via the IB Diploma pathway. Theodore Iannuzzi (ON 2013) achieved the highest possible score of 45.

Our combined HSC and IB Diploma results displayed pleasing improvement and strong results. There were 24% of the combined cohort placed in the top 5% of the State, 37% placed in the top 10% of the State. Most pleasing of all was the fact that 80% of our boys finished in the top 30% (67% in 2008). These are excellent results for a non-selective school.

New Developments:

  • ICT: We have been doing intensive planning for the use of Information Communication Technology in the learning programs for boys. Information Guides have been posted on the Learning with Technology Insite to explain our directions. Please join with us to emphasise to the boys the need to look after their own devices and to keep them well secured outside of class time. Our new online diary has made excellent progress in the past weeks and workshops are currently being held to assist parents.
  • Lockers: I am pleased to announce that all new House locker areas have been completed and boys have now been allocated lockers. This year Manton, Prescott and Fletcher are located on the top floor of the Music Centre, Metcalfe, Johnstone and Kelynack are located on the second floor of the War Memorial block, and Moulton and Le Couteur are located on the ground floor of the War Memorial block. Please make contact with your son’s Head of House or our General Duties Officers, Ms Bryant and Mr Dodson, should you have an enquiry.
  • Homework Club and Evening Prep: Will soon commence in the Library. Homework Club offers assistance to boys in English and Maths on alternate days to their sports training from 3.30pm to 4.45pm. Similarly boys in Years 9 – 12 are invited to join nominated teaching staff for private study from 5.00pm to 7.30pm from Monday to Thursday. If you have further enquiries please email Mr Peter Wilkins our new Head of Co Curricular.
  • Uniform Changes: A new tracksuit and PE shirt and shorts were released in 2013. Please note that the phase-in period for our existing sports uniform and tracksuit will conclude at the end of this term.

As I walk around the campus, one cannot help but be excited by a sense of optimism in the boys, staff and parents. We are ‘too good not to be better’ – so let’s get to work! I look forward to sharing the journey with all Newington families in 2014.

Dr Andrew Hirst
Deputy Headmaster/Head of Stanmore


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