10 Feb 2015

Archibald Finalist at Bundanon Art Camp 2015

The ‘New’ Artist-in-residence Program continues to go from strength to strength as it now begins on February 1 as part of the Year 11 Bundanon Art Camp for HSC and IB students.

The first 2015 resident, Mitch Cairns, who was a finalist in the Archibald portraiture prize last year, gave two long and intensive drawing workshops, and co-chaired the lecture on Representation in Contemporary Art. No doubt, he was the highlight for many boys on camp. In one workshop which involved boys being challenged to think about the non-literal representations of objects they had drawn, and how these associations can add meaning to their artwork, Elliot Ulm (11/LE) said,“I want to portray a message within my artwork rather than just making lines on a page.”

Students where also given a lesson on the history of art and learned about the significance of choice in modern art and context in contemporary art. This made an impression on student Sam Sommerville (11/LE) who said he hopes “to keep drawing with intention so the audience knows that it is my artwork and what it is about.”

The three day and two night masterclass is an incredible opportunity for students to learn about and work within an environment that is so rich in Australian Art History. The Bundanon Education Centre, which was the home of the legendary Australian painter Arthur Boyd and his wife Yvonne, was designed by the Pritker Prize winner, Glenn Murcutt. The unique opportunity to attend this camp allowed the boys the focus, time and framing to gain a deeper understanding about what art is, before they begin the making and writing journey of the HSC and IB Visual Arts courses.

The goal for the teachers, Mr Andrew Thompson, Ms Marina Hinves and Ms Hannah Chapman was to bring the three classes into one creative community so that they could support and challenge each other to reflect. “I think the workshops were all really good as they pushed us out of our comfort zone so that we could challenge the way we make art,” said Fergus Kinahan (11/MA).

Ms Marina Hinves said that the benefits of the camp continue well into Year 12 and beyond. “The opportunity to work over long periods of time in a beautiful landscape, enables the boys to richly develop their skills and understanding of landscape representation.”

Students also valued the expertise that a professional artist brought to the instruction and communication of ideas and techniques, “because he’s not a teacher, but a passionate artist, he’s teaching us in a completely different way,” said another student.

Many thanks to Mr Andrew Thompson, Ms Marina Hinves and Ms Hannah Chapman for organising this unique experience for the Visual Art students.


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