30 Oct 2018

CineArts 2018

A capacity crowd filled the Newington College Drama Theatre Thursday night for the 18th annual CineArts Film Festival.

Films screened from a variety of sources including the CineArts after-school film program, Extension English films, HSC Drama films, the Year 10 English Film class and Pymble Ladies College, International Grammar School and Methodist Ladies College.

This year saw no shortage of levity and intrigue. From depictions of present-day Orwellian tendencies and remote controls with superpowers, to reflections in the final moments of life, students pulled off visual storytelling with distinct style and finesse. As outgoing Senior Anton Fichtenmaier (ON 2018) remarked, the audience is “taken on an emotional rollercoaster ride, more turbulent than Nicolas Cage’s acting career”.

Filmmakers were congratulated on their ability to transport an audience to a new world in a matter of minutes. This year’s films were a magnificent reflection of the hard work and commitment of the Newington film community.

Best Actor (tie): Zac Burkitt (9/FL) – The Chat and Greg Cheetham (Newington Dad) – Story of Icarus

Best Sound Design: Josh Cappello (11/LE) – Pecora

Best Scriptwriter: Tom Cheetham (12/MA) – The Story of Icarus

Best Editor: Sebastian Skontos (9/FL) – .the dots.

Best Cinematographer: Charlie Nicholas (10/MO) – Game Over

Best Director (tie): Josh Cappello – Pecora and Tom Cheetham – The Story of Icarus

Best Junior Film: The One –  Zack McGeechan (10/PR), Alex Rumi (10/FL)

 Best Senior Film: The Last Tasmanian – Aston Brown (12/MO)

Geoff Wren Senior Contribution Award: Aston Brown

People’s Choice Award: The Last Tasmanian – Aston Brown

Terence Preister
Head of CineArts and ICT Facilitator


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