28 Mar 2017

Concordia Gallery Exhibition: Resinous Margins

Recently the Year 11 Art students spent a day in-studio with resident artist Nick Dorey where they were asked to think through material conventions to produce a series of reactive machines. This built on their learning at the Visual Arts Camp at Bundanon, where Mr Andrew Thompson, Ms Amy Dunn and Mr Andrew Pawley led an in-depth critical and historical tutorial of this year’s subject matter.

Nick Dorey’s practice speaks about the logic and material investment of place, and his large-scale performative installations are born out of necessity and resourcefulness. Over the past three months, Dorey has been transforming Concordia Gallery into a lab of renewal and distillation, sourcing material from in and around Newington College to produce a series of scents and structures.

We warmly invite you to Resinous Margins, an exhibition of the resulting works from the Bundanon Visual Arts Camp, the one-day workshop and Dorey’s three-month residency at Newington. Join us at the opening on tonight, Tuesday, 28 March at Concordia Gallery from 6:00 PM.

If you can’t make it tonight, the exhibition will be on display over the coming weeks at Concordia Gallery, open Tuesdays and Saturdays from 10 – 3 PM or by appointment.

Kailana Armstrong-Sommer
Acting Curator, Concordia Gallery



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