14 Feb 2018

Visual Arts Students Work with Dr Ian Penn

Since February 2017, the Visual Arts IBDP students have worked in collaboration with Dr Ian Penn (ON 1970). The boys have formed a strong relationship with the artist who has assisted in their idea development and encouraged them to explore a range of creative media. Working alongside Dr Penn taught the students about passion, knowledge and generosity. During a two-day workshop in January, Zac Hamdan (12/FL), Ben Coultas-Roberts (12/JN), Joel Gardner (12/ME), Tyrell Villania-Small (12/MO) and Louis Woodland (12/ME) worked on their personal IBDP Exhibitions, talked with Dr Penn about their concepts and brainstormed the relational links to the historical and contemporary artists. It was an unforgettable learning experience and an exciting way to build a better understanding of Visual Arts in the IBO context.

Mrs Marina Hinves
Visual Arts Teacher


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