01 Mar 2016

Workshopping the Non-Representational with Mikala Dwyer

There’s plenty of activity at Concordia Gallery at this time of the year with Year 11 Visual Arts boys busy tapping into the knowledge and experience of our current P&F New Artist in Residence, Mikala Dwyer.

Mikala is an installation artist with more than three decades of experience in the art world. She is currently helping the boys delve deeper into the land of non-representational art, teaching them how to access their intuition and learn how to respond to intangible influences that may affect the way they perceive and sense the world around them.

In preparation for the first Concordia Gallery exhibition of 2016, the boys have been working with life-size shapes which they paint in a colour that represents them. The painting process will be filmed to produce a video piece while each of the boys’ life-size shapes will be brought together to create a puzzle-like wall work. 

Mikala began her residency in January.  Her most recent exhibition, ‘The Letterbox Marys’, was shown at Rosyln Oxley9 Gallery in November 2015. Her works can also be seen at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney. 




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