04 Aug 2017

Faith Matters

Don’t Get Hooked 

Face it; some people are unwilling to take responsibility for their lot in life, so they plough through each day complaining about everything. Because they’re incapable of loving themselves, they can’t extend love to others. Often their negative edge just masks their real struggle. Deep down they’re afraid of being rejected, so they don’t get too close to anyone except kindred spirits.

So how should you respond to such people? Don’t get hooked! If you can’t lift them up, make sure they don’t drag you down. When Nehemiah’s enemies criticised the wall he was building he replied, “I am doing a great work! Why should I stop it to come and visit with you?” And what was the result? The wall was finally finished just fifty-two days after he had begun! When his enemies heard about it, they were humiliated, and they realised that the work had been done with the help of God. Was it easy working around people like that? No. How did Nehemiah do it? When he started getting discouraged he prayed, “Lord God, please strengthen me!” Notice, he didn’t say, Lord, zap them. Or, Lord make them nice to me.? No, he asked for strength, maintained a good attitude and prayed that God would take care of his critics. And God did.

Peter Morphew – Chaplain


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