18 Nov 2016

Year 6 Fair

The annual Year 6 Fair was held on Wednesday 9 November. For the organisers, the day started off with much trepidation as it had rained the night before and there were dark clouds looming overhead that morning, however, luck was with us, the clouds dispersed and the sun shone it’s benevolent rays upon us. Judging by the happy and excited faces scattered around the school grounds, the Fair was a huge success.                     

This year’s activities included; Nerf Warfare, Bottle Flip Mini Golf, Refreshments Stand, Ball Games, Soccer Target, Water Dunking, Crazy Hair, Bubble Wrap Wrestling and Obstacle Course. Many of these stalls appeared for the first time this year. All the boys thoroughly enjoyed themselves while participating in these various activities. The Year 6 boys had an equally enjoyable time preparing and hosting the fair.                       

The school community raised just over $2000, which will be the Year 6 boys’ ‘gift to the school.’ The money raised will be going towards enriching the College’s sustainability program. This incorporates buying new recycling bins, as well as educating the students further about recycling and its importance in our society.                       

On behalf of my Year 6 classmates, I would like to thank all the parents and members of staff for their support in preparation for the Fair and all their efforts on the day. It has been a privilege for us to have been given the opportunity to host such an event.        

Adi Apana – Year 6B Student

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