15 Jun 2017

Artist of the Week

3 – 6 Artists of the Week

This week’s artist of the week has Year 4 completing their studies on Simryn Gill and her work ‘Roadkill’.

The artwork speaks about making the insignificant significant. Her installation includes discarded household items on wheels, thus giving them new meaning and purpose. The Year 4 boys were able to make household objects out of air drying clay with attached wheels. These comical and interesting artworks will be displayed at the Wyvern Biennale in Term 3.

Congratulations to Daniel Carter and Vishay Modi for their original works.


Year 5 have also completed their artworks for their ‘Journey’ unit. This year, they were photographed as the character that they were to write about in their ‘Journey’ story. There were lots of interesting and intriguing characters doing amazing things.

Congratulations to Oscar Mcleod, Destyn Diep, William Kah and Harry Power for their extraordinary watercolour pieces.

Meredith Buining
Visual Art Teacher


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