01 Apr 2021

Artist of the Week

3-6 Artist of the Week

The boys in Year 6 completed a number of activities related to cartooning and street art. They were treated to a special workshop from local street artist ‘Mulga’. They were also taken on an excursion around Stanmore to photograph graffiti and street art. During this time, the boys completed an art assessment appreciation task, focusing on whether they thought ‘graffiti’ was Art! There were some vigorous discussions. The boys went on to make a print collage using their Mulga work and the graffiti work.  

Congratulations to Yash Jayswal, Isaac Messiha, Joshua Cronin and Jamie Burgess for their amazing print collages.

Meredith Buining
3-6 Visual Arts Teacher

Newington, Wyvern House

115 Cambridge Street
Stanmore NSW 2048
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