10 Jun 2021

Artist of the Week

K-2 Artist of the Week

In Visual Arts, Kindergarten have been exploring the difference between self-portraits and portraits.  They drew themselves first from memory and then fully engaged their noticing muscle to draw themselves from observation.  The boys worked really hard to include detail and represent their facial features.   All boys demonstrated a great sense of balance and excellent control of line whilst drawing.  Well done boys!

Yelena Rubie
K-2 Visual Arts Teacher


3-6 Artist of the Week

This week, the Artist of the Week comes from Year 4. Caleb Simpson was able to create a beautiful and quirky ‘Pop Art Car’. This car is a relief sculpture artwork that looks like it is popping out off the canvas. The boys worked with cups, ‘magiclay’, hot glue, wheels and recycled bottles to make their own classic car. They then observed the various processes of Pop Artist Roy Lichtenstein. He enlarged the dots used for the mechanical process of printing into acrylic paintings. His dots were called ‘Benday’ dots. The boys have included these dots within their Pop Art backgrounds. Congratulations to all of Year 4 for their work which is currently displayed in the Year 4 area outside their classrooms.

Meredith Buining
3-6 Visual Arts Teacher

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