11 Sep 2019

Dungeons & Dragons


WHAT IS D&D? By Hugo Young 5M

Dungeons & Dragons is a fantasy role playing game; there are 4-5 players who each play a character, each character is made up of three things. 

  • Their race e.g. Human, Elf, Gnome, Dwarf, Dragonborn.   
  • Their class e.g. Fighter, Cleric, Wizard, Rouge, Paladin, Ranger.
  • Their level, for each level characters gain new abilities, do more damage and get more hit points 

The characters go on quests, solve riddles, slay monsters and explore new places, all this is told by the narrator or storyteller (this is called the Dungeon Master or DM) and that’s who I usually play as.  

I am Hugo Young; and my biggest passion is Dungeons & Dragons or D&D. I have been playing ever since I was 9.  I love the story telling, the role playing and just having fun with my friends. In Term 2 I started a club for it so I could introduce my friends to D&D and so I could do what I love at school. We started with 11 members playing on Thursday lunch and soon split the players and added another session after school on Tuesday for the second group. Since then our numbers have grown to 13 players. 


Meet our dedicated players. I have asked each player 3 things: 

  1. What is your favorite class to play as? 
  2. What is your favorite race to play as? 
  3. And why do you play D&D? 

Gill Gracie 

  1. My favorite class to play as is a Cleric because they have the powers of a wizard and the strength of a fighter. A cleric is a healer so it’s fun to help people and save them from death and very bad injury like poison and wounds. A cleric was also the first class I ever played as in the out of school Sunday sessions, the character was called ‘Gillian The Third’, who was an ancient king in a Gnome mountain city that was overtaken by a dragon. My character lead my race to a small village of men and we worked and lived there. 
  2. My favorite race is a Gnome because they can be thrown at large and huge beast like giant’s and dragons. I also love gnomes because they are small and light, so they can sneak past people sometimes unnoticed. Gnomes are also great spell casters so they can play as very good clerics.  
  3. I play D&D for the acting involved in it, and the social interaction. I also love Fantasy like The Hobbit and Lord of the Ring’s.

Guinness Devlin

  1. I like my custom class called Prospector because you get to blow up stuff with dynamite
  2. I play as a Human because they are boring.
  3. I play D&D because I like to role play and blow up my fellow teammates.

Oscar Walsh 

  1. I like to play as a Rouge because it opens a lot of new possibilities.
  2. I like to play as a Goblin because they can make explosives.
  3. I play D&D because it is so fun, and you’ll make new friends everywhere you go. 

Benjamin Macdessi

  1. My favorite class is a Rogue as it holds the ultimate power of surprise. 
  2. My favorite race is the Eladrin race as they can teleport and they only need to rest for half the amount of time you usually need to.  
  3. I love D&D because it lets me be imaginative and nowadays, I like acting as the character I play as! 

Hugh Edmundson 

  1. My favorite class to play as is probably a Fire Aarakocra, or a Rogue because they both have good strength.  
  2. My favorite race to play as is Halfling, because of their small size and human-like abilities.  
  3. I play Dungeons & Dragons because it is a great way to socialize and have fun, plus it is very creative and the game runs on imagination. 

Nicholas Iliopoulos 

  1. Wizards because of all the spells they have loads of spells.
  2. Dragonborn because of the fire breath and they are cool.
  3. I play D&D because it is fun being a pretend character and it is fun burning trees. 

William Chanter 

  1. I like Clerics so I can heal people with magic.
  2. I like High Elfs because they’re cool.
  3. I play D&D because it’s fun being a character that I can control, and it’s fun lighting trees on fire whenever i see some. 

Oliver Turner

  1. My favourite character is Paladin.
  2. I like to play as a Dragonborn.
  3. I play D&D because it is a fun and entertaining game.

Liam Mitchell-Zancanaro

  1. My favourite class to play as is the Ranger because it has a lot of weapons.
  2. Aarakocra because I can scout and fly around in the game.

Jack Riley

  1. I like playing a Ranger because they use ranged weapons.
  2. I like High Elf with a Ranger because it is easier to shoot my enemies.
  3. Because I get to mess around and have fun with my friends.

Hugo Young

  1. I like playing a Bloodhunter, which is like a wizard and a fighter at the same time. Also because they can make their weapons temporarily enchanted.
  2. I love being a Goblin because they can make explosives and also because they are small and can fit through small spaces.
  3. I play D&D because it gives you creative freedom in almost any situation in the game. It unleashes your imagination with making the characters (and in my case, the Quest books). D&D is also great for socializing, for example; I would have less than half the amount of friends I do now if it wasn’t for D&D. Also, there is something in it for everyone.

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