31 Aug 2017

Faith Matters

Good father?

Max Lucado writes: “Today’s my first Father’s Day without a father. For 31 years I had one of the best, but now he’s … buried under an oak tree in a west Texas cemetery. Strange he isn’t here … because he was always available. His words were nothing novel; his achievements, though admirable, were nothing extraordinary. But his presence was. Because he was there, life went smoothly …the future was secure … and my growing up was what God intended. He taught me how to shave and how to pray. He taught me that wrong should be punished … and that rightness has its own reward. He modelled … the elusive balance between ambition and self-acceptance. I knew if I ever needed him he’d be there. Like a warm fireplace. Maybe that’s why this Father’s Day’s a bit chilly. The fire’s gone out. The winds of age swallowed his splendid flame leaving only golden embers. But there’s a strange thing about those embers, stir them … and the flame will dance … and knock just enough chill out of the air to remind me that he’s still … present.”

Whilst this will not necessarily be our own experience as a child or a father it does cause us to pause and ponder.

The Bible pictures God as the perfect, ever-present Dad. While those who are fathers among us will struggle, make mistakes and even scar our children, God is totally reliable, 100% dependable. Even though at times we might be bemused about the way He does things we can be assured He has our very best interest at heart.

The wise King Solomon said, “The righteous man walks in integrity … blessed are his children after him.” (Proverbs 20:7)

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