03 Aug 2017

Virtual Reality in the Classroom

Over the past two weeks Year 6 students have been to some amazing places. They’ve visited an African savannah and walked with elephants. Students flew in a cockpit of a jet fighter and also swam in the Great Barrier Reef. All of these excursions were done without a risk assessment or a packing checklist. We visited these places through the use of Google Cardboard and 360 degree videos offered for free on YouTube.

Virtual reality has progressed a long way in a short period of time and at Wyvern we are starting to use this in our teaching practice. To have our students participate in virtual reality excursions immerses them into the action unlike any way we could before. A lesson hook in Week 2 for Year 6 saw the boys equipped with a set of headphones turned up and a virtual reality walk around New York’s Time Square. It was busy at night with a lot of action. The regular buskers were there and the traffic control officers were doing their best to keep order in all the chaos. After spending 8 minutes in the hectic environment students were instructed back onto Canvas (our online learning management system) and were able to have their creative juices flowing in constructing imaginative texts that placed the reader back where they were just standing.

The use of this free resource in the classroom allows our boys an extra special experience. You could continue this on at home and go on some virtual excursions as a family. Google Cardboard offers a headset starting from $5.00. All you need now is a phone with the latest YouTube app and a quick VR search and you’re away. Where will you go this week with your family?

As always if you have any questions about this or any other topic please do not hesitate in contacting me.

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