14 Sep 2017

Year 2 Excursion to Rouse Hill

On Monday 11 September, Year 2 went back in time and visited a schoolhouse in 1889. The boys (and ‘girls’) wore costumes and participated in a lesson as it would have been back then. They recited times tables, did some sewing and marched around the maypole and used dumbbells for exercise. The boys thoroughly enjoyed their experience and gained a lot from the first-hand history experience.

Recount by Joe Everett 2M
On Monday 11 September I took a bus trip which transported me back to the year 1899. I found myself wearing the original school uniform from Rouse Hill School. I discovered that my name was now Amos Graham. We started the day by singing ‘God Save The Queen’. We then did a group maths lesson, before breaking up into our groups.

We marched to the maypole where we danced around it. We then did some weights before going back inside to work on our sewing and cursive writing. We didn’t use books like we do in 2017, we used a writing slate. I am not sure how they keep their work.

Our lunch break wasn’t very different to 2017. We ate our lunch and then played, the only thing that was different was the games we played. The afternoon science lesson was my favourite part, we got to see what baby sharks look like and we saw a kookaburra.

We were finally transported back to 2017, where I want to stay. I liked experiencing 1899, I am glad I didn’t get the cane.




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