01 Aug 2017

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The 2017 IBC Cup took place in the beautiful campus of St Peter’s College, Adelaide. The tournament lapsed in 2016, but St Peter’s Sports Administrator, Matthew French performed miracles to resurrect the competition, with perennial contenders Brisbane Grammar School, Canberra Grammar, Newington College and hosts St Peter’s vying for the title.

Newington had an excellent opening day win against 2015 champions St Peters, with an emphatic 3-0 win courtesy of two wonderful finishes from Jarrah Lindhout (12/KL), whose second goal in particular was a brilliant piece of invention scoring with a header in the most difficult of circumstances.

A superb solo effort from Christian Yamine (11/MO) gave the scoreline a fairer reflection of the quality of football exhibited on a heavy surface on a rain-sodden day. Brisbane defeated a gallant Canberra 2-0.

The second game against Canberra was a veritable “Jekyll and Hyde” performance with a sumptuous Newington first half performance building up a 4-0 lead with goals from Kallen Ferrero (12/LE) (2), Hunter Karam (11/PR) and Christian Yamine (11/MO). The second half saw a flurry of changes and the performance levels never reached the heights of the opening period. Canberra scored a deserved consolation goal, our only concession of the Tournament, while Canberra to their eternal credit showed a remarkable “phoenix” like progression from previous tournaments, giving every school a competitive match and finally securing a 1-1 draw against Brisbane in their final match. Congratulations to all involved at Canberra Grammar School, the other real winner of the week.

The squad knew that a win against Brisbane in the final match would see Newington College lift the IBC Cup for the fourth time, cementing the College’s reputation as the most successful School in IBC Cup history. The boys produced a sensational performance of controlled aggression, a ferocious will to win, scintillating football and two first half goals from Kallen Ferrero (12/LE) and Hunter Karam (11/PR) to earn a 2-0 lead. The second half incredibly ended with no further goals despite a cavalcade of chances, strikes, hitting posts, with the Brisbane goalkeeper standing, single-handedly, in the way of the marauding hordes of “black & white” players.  At the match conclusion, the boys were naturally elated with winning silverware again this year, having previously annexed the 2017 GPS Firsts Plate yet again after four matches.

The post match presentation ceremony at the Da Costa Hall attended by all the teams, parents and coaches was an impressive affair and Newington College not alone took away the coveted IBC Cup, but also Player of the Tournament, Ellis Bellos (11/JN) as well as garnering 4 places on the Team of the Week, Sam Hochuli (12/JN), Carlo Ottavio (11/ME), Ellis Bellos (11/JN) and Kallen Ferrero (12/LE). Our Captain Jacob Nastasi (12/PR) lifted the Cup to great cheers. Elmore Alexander (12/FL) and Andrew Wang (12/FL) also captained the team for a game each, where Newington College made a special plaque presentation to each school in honour of the Tournament and the hosts.

Matthew French conducted a fascinating tour of the College as we were shown Australia’s oldest classroom, “The Big School Room” as well as the Memorial Hall and the hallowed “Silent Corner” in the Quad, an evocative and spiritual tribute to St Peters boys lost in combat in the Great Wars,  and the vast expanse of 88 acres which makes the Adelaide College such a visual masterpiece.

The boys had frequent trips into Adelaide city, and yes, it’s true, it really is the “city of churches” but a beautiful metropolis with wide avenues and a beguiling mix of old Australian architecture and modernity. The Table quiz was a nerve-wracking affair with only one point separating winners Mitchell and Jarrah and Liam from the rest. While Christian Yamine single handedly preserved our honour taking on the Canberra FIFA champion to record a 3-0 win to send them packing!

The boys were excellent with terrific camaraderie evident throughout.

Special thanks to coaches Brian Baker, Hussein Mansour and to our own tour de force Administrator Ed Summers for all his organisation, and of course to St Peters, where the food was excellent, the common rooms for downtime fitting the bill just right and the accommodation to the boys liking.

Roll on IBC Cup 2018 in Canberra where we will return to defend our title.

Kanga Cup

Imagine playing eight matches at 70 minutes each, two a day in some cases, losing three squad members early in the tournament and relying on 13 players (including two goalkeepers) for most of the tournament. Imagine playing in the Premier Division of the Southern Hemisphere’s biggest football tournament, the Kanga Cup, against undefeated club teams at the highest levels in their States. Imagine getting to the final of that tournament with 13 year olds striving to contribute to most of those 560 minutes. Imagine the heartbreak with the game on a knife edge at 2-2 against Adelaide United (Premier League leaders in South Australia, unbeaten in 18 months) and losing a very late goal to succumb 3-2.

That was the desperately unfortunate experience of a superb group of Newington College Year 7, 8 and 9 boys in Canberra as we returned from last year’s double team entry to play in the highest competition available. The boys were “winners” all the way, exhibiting all the traits that Newington College fosters, bravery, resilience, hard work, unity, growth, respect and ultimately enjoyment despite the heart wrenching denouement of the tournament.

Every player must be commended for their efforts from Jean-Paul Gonios (8/MA) and Connor Gonios (7/MA) to Max Bell (8/KL), Stefano Ottavio (8/ME), Oscar Swan (8/FL), Jack Newton (9/FL), William Creighton (9/LE) ( who doubled up as goalkeeper, left back, left winger and scored in the 2017 Kanga Under-14 Cup Final ), Aiden Mostofi (8/JN), Peter Dendrinos (8/MO), Harry Eaton (9/JN), Gaelen Dorigo (8/ME) Apostolos Tatsis (8/MO), Joe Reilly Makovec (8/MA), Ben Clark (7/MA) and Dylan Foreman (8/ME).

Special thanks to Coaches Neil Jablonski and Christian Scardilli and Ed Summers, Logistics Manager. A great week for the boys, an unforgettable experience and proud memories to reflect back on. Thanks too to all the parents who supported the boys throughout. The staff gave the boys a comprehensive week of sport, fun, education (the AIS Tour) and travel. Not a bad way to spend your Term holidays!

Mr Brian McCarthy
Director of Football


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