01 Aug 2017

UK Cricket Tour

This year’s UK Cricket Tour combined some of our budding cricketer’s favourite things – friendship, camaraderie and lots and lots of cricket. Travelling around the UK for a little over a fortnight, B&W caught up with some of the touring boys to hear what they got up to, and if they have any tips for boys thinking about going on tour in the future.

1. What was the highlight for you during the Cricket Tour and why?

My highlight of the tour was the Tonbridge Cricket Festival because we were privileged enough to play against some of the best schools throughout England (both Tonbridge and Millfield) and South Africa (St Andrews). It was also a great chance to meet new boys from overseas and develop more friendships – Ben Leung (10/KL)

2. Tell me about how the tour has changed the way you think about Cricket/Sport

The tour changed the way that I viewed cricket because it showed me the traditional ways of playing the game, and by visiting such historical places I learnt how the game has changed over time and how it could change into the future – Clancy Barrett (10/JN)

I think about a cricket game in a broader sense, in that I learnt to adapt to different conditions each game. This has taught me to be more adaptive to cricket situations, and I feel this has made me a better cricketer. I think thinking about cricket 24/7 and practicing and playing each day, has made me train better – Benjamin Higgins (10/FL)

3. What was the most valuable part about the tour that you don’t think you could’ve learnt here?

The most valuable part for me was being able to analyse how I played one day, and work on it in training later that day, then go out and put it into practise the next day. It meant that I could learn skills sooner than if I had been playing one game a week – Clancy Barrett (10/JN)

 I think the mateship and respect for teammates are things that we couldn’t have learnt here because we basically lived together for two weeks so we formed great friendships that made us enjoy ourselves more and play better cricket – Henry Cain (10/LE)

4. What would you say to someone if they asked you for advice on whether they should go on the tour or not?

Definitely go it is one of the best experiences of your life and spending 3 weeks overseas with 20 mates and playing the game you love is a once in a lifetime experience and you will definitely regret not going. – Callan Pratt (10/KL)

A big thank you to Mr Ross Turner, Mr Matt Holgate and Mr James Walsh for preparing a tour that was such a success. Until next time! 





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