06 Sep 2019

Amazing Brain Conference

This term Newington College Lindfield hosted a conference for students as part of our Northside Gifted and Talented association. We invited about 120 students from a range of schools across the north shore to participate in a day of workshops learning about the brain. These conferences give students opportunities to work with like-minded peers, teachers are able to collaborate and we can celebrate the wonderful thinking of our young people. Here are some reflections from our Year 6 students:

There were different rotations, there was a memory workshop where we had to memorise some objects on a whiteboard and we had to write them down. Then we had a music workshop (that was one of my favourites) we focused on how music can help the brain. We had a workshop where we had a list of words and they were in different coloured text like this: 




We recorded how quickly we could read these words, it was extremely confusing! I am proud to be given these opportunities. Angus Young


On our pupil free day I had the privilege of being invited to a special workshop centered around the brain. To kick off the day we had a magician perform and then we split off into different groups. There were plenty of different schools participating, with these schools we did workshops all about the brain. It was a really fun experience. Phoenix Yim


It was such a fun day, we went in groups and did lots of activities like music with Mrs South and a memory workshop. At the start of the day we watched a magician – that was the best part! Jamie Tan


There was a good rotation through the day, we had a magician who was able to guess which hand something was in – three times in a row! It was a very social experience because we were with lots of students from other schools. The workshop was a fun experience with a surprise at the end! Jono Kobal


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