31 Mar 2017

Art – Stage 3

Stage 3 – Our artistic journey so far…

The boys in Stage 3 began the year exploring Indigenous culture and beliefs. In Art we specifically focused on “How can an appreciation of Aboriginal Art lead to understanding and respect?” The boys explored the creation story of the ‘Rainbow Serpent’ and how Aboriginal symbols are used as a means of communication.

After reflecting on the different styles of Aboriginal Art the boys chose their own Australian animal or spiritual being and drew an image on a ceramic tile. The artworks were displayed in the glass cabinet outside the year six class rooms. Each boy has written their own “Art Blog” and reflected on their work during the term. Please take a look at the amazing work they have produced.

Stage 3 have begun their second unit of inquiry delving into how people use the arts to express ideas, perspectives and feelings, with an emphasis on Street Art. After investigating styles of well-known street artists the boys in Year 6 will have the opportunity to create their very own skateboard deck. They will need to design a unique work for their skateboard, using a variety of elements and principles of Art. They will also draw on their knowledge of street artists to design their own original work. I am looking forward to viewing the end product.

Before designing a skateboard deck the boys will understand and appreciate the artwork of Keith Haring. Creating their own designs of moving body images, using bright colours and bold lines. During their investigation into Haring’s work they added symbols and special items to intrigue the observer.    

The boys were also introduced to the work of Jean-Michel Basquiat. Best known for his primitive style. The boys enjoyed critiquing Basquiat’s work and especially enjoyed “loose, spontaneous, and dirty style”. Many boys found it challenging to work in a messy, abstract fashion. That said, there was also quite a few who embraced this type of style of Art!

Kylie Bain – Art Teacher



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