31 Mar 2017

Stage 2 – UOI #2

Years 3 and 4 are very much looking forward to their second unit of inquiry which has the transdisciplinary theme of ‘Where we are in place and time’ where we will be looking at the interconnectedness of individuals and civilisations from local and global perspectives. The Central Idea is “Throughout history, people of diverse backgrounds play a role in continually shaping the local community”. Our concepts are Perspective, Change and Responsibility and the three lines of inquiry are about how historians unlock the past, history of local communities and the interconnection of the past and the present.

The boys will be learning about the number of methods available for historians to unlock the mysteries of the past. This can be done through what is referred to as primary source materials. These are documents from the actual period that the events took place and can include personal letters, official documents and reports, diaries, images, paintings or people recording the actual events at the time. The other method that historians often use to gain a perspective on the period that they’re investigating is secondary source materials. These are the writings of other historians and people who have already used the primary sources available to create their own view of the events.

Our first investigation into the history of the past will be our Walking Tour of the Sydney Rocks area which will be on Tuesday 4 April 2017. This was the first area settled by the First Fleet in 1788. The first buildings were erected there such as Government buildings, accommodation for the convicts, utility buildings and other infrastructure such as bridges, roads, walkways etc. When we undertake the Walking Tour we will also examine the archaeological remains from an area that has been excavated. All this information will enable the boys to gain an understanding and perspective of life in the early convict period in Sydney.

We will also examine how we connect the past with the present. The boys will be able to appreciate what an achievement Sydney is when they consider the city now compared to its early beginnings as a tiny settlement in The Rocks.

We will also enlist the services of the Archivist from Newington, Stanmore, who will show us some artifacts, photographs and other memorabilia from Newington’s past history. The boys will also do their own case study about Newington College.

An understanding will be gained that stories can be created from images. The boys will make assumptions from photographs and create stories from their observations and thinking.

Mrs Russell – Year 4


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