15 Sep 2017

LOTE Day at Lindfield

Teaching boys how to embrace language learning through global thinking – LOTE Day @ Lindfield

At Newington Lindfield, we strive to provide a diversity of learning opportunities for our boys. We understand that all boys are different, they have different learning methods, learning needs, learning goals and more. We also understand that to engage and inspire the boys to learn the language, it is important to teach them the language through global thinking. We endeavour to provide the boys the opportunities to observe other cultures in the asia pacific region without leaving Australian soil. We aim to further develop their global-mindedness and ensure our boys have the opportunities to learn about and recognise the diversity within and between the countries of the Asian region.

Language Other Than English (LOTE) Day has been one of the major events at the Lindfield campus. Every year, all our staff work tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure our students experience the unique provocations that will inspire the boys to think outside the square. With Mrs Bain’s help, our Year 5 boys took the action to design many stunning LOTE Day posters that were displayed around the school. The Tuckshop manager and parent volunteers planned a  special lunch for this occasion. We collaborated with the Taiwan Festival Committee to bring an exclusive preview before the actual event that will be held in Chatswood on 16 and 17 September.

The boys experienced the indigenous culture from Taiwan and had opportunities to reflect on our indigenous culture within Australia. By observing the songs and dances, garments, music and musical instruments used, the boys learned to analyse information like this and recognise there are similarities and differences in both indigenous cultures, and why.  After recess, boys were divided into groups to attend various workshops. For the younger boys, they had first hand experiences handling glove puppets and had fun in the paper carving session.  For the primary age boys, they tried the traditional bow weaving. They also learned how the delicate procedures are performed when decorating statues.

Another year of fun and educational experiences for our boys. There is a saying: “Language is the key to understanding another culture”.  Our boys have had a great head start in this area and hopefully they will be inspired to learn the language  and cherish the fun memory for many long years to come.

Eva Angel – LOTE Teacher


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