15 Sep 2017

Martial Arts Club Term 3

We’re wondering if we missed something here – it seems just five minutes ago that it was start of term…

It has been a time of great achievement for our young ninja men during Term 3.

Marcus C and Jaiden S have achieved Level 1 in our Leader Program, participation in which is entirely voluntary.  The ‘amazingness’ of this cannot be overstated!  Both boys have continued on with their Level 2, and Dylan H has also joined the Program this term.  For a young person to step up and take on the very significant responsibility of helping others to do better is worth taking a moment to fully appreciate.

Continuing the trend, we have a number of boys moving to more advanced grades.  Of note is Marcus C achieving his Golden Dragon (8-11 years) Green belt.  This is the start of the advanced grades, with the Gold levels being the intermediate.

We have also welcomed several new students this term, who (don’t tell them yet!) will be awarded their Red belt this week.  We think it is probably the most exciting of all the belts to receive, with perhaps the exception only of the Black belt.

With grading happening this week, there will be many more other young ninjas progressing through their grades and gaining a greater understanding of what this ‘self-defence’ thing is.

Above all though, we have managed to have a pile of fun this term, as is always our goal, since it is crucial to our students learning quickly and well, and so an essential part of our classes.

Enjoy the holidays, have fun with your family, and be safe.

We look forward to seeing you all next term (term FOUR!!).


Sensei Marice

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