25 Aug 2017

Year 4 – Simple Machines

Year 4 have been investigating Simple Machines and found some examples around our school. We used our iPads to take photographs and then worked in groups to explain how simple machines work.

A simple machine we chose to explore is an inclined plane. We found many inclined planes around our school.  An inclined plane helps us to move up steep slopes without using stairs. In Newington the inclined plane down to the bottom field lets us walk up and down a slope without steep stairs.  The inclined plane helps us to get from one area to another. (Jack M and Diesel)



A wheelbarrow uses a simple machine called a wheel and axle. A wheel barrow also uses another simple machine called a lever when you lift a load with the long handles. The wheel and axle let you move heavy loads by spreading the weight across the barrow and the wheel allows you to move it easily. (Declan, Lachlan, Hamish and Sam)



A simple machine we found were gears on a bike in the bike rack. The gears make it easier to pedal. A gear is like a wheel with teeth. The teeth of one gear fit between the teeth of another gear. When one gear is moved it moves the other one and means you have more power. (Chase, Will P, Oliver and Felix)


We found a fire hydrant that uses a simple machine to turn it on and off. As the large red handle on the fire hydrant is turned it opens and closes the small pipe that lets the water out from the large pipes connected to the water source. We thought it might have been a wheel and axle but decided the handle operates more like a large screw that opens and closes the pipe. (Jonathon, Chris and Mika)


We looked around the Junior Primary playground and found the JP bubbler uses a simple machine to work. You turn the handle clockwise to open the pipe and turn it the opposite way to turn it off. It winds like a screw getting tighter and closing off the water as you close it so the simple machine is a screw. A screw has a slanted surface like a spiral staircase and lets the valve open and close. (Declan, Will F and Chase)


In the Primary playground we found a giant simple machine that is a screw and an inclined plane. The spiral shape down the slide is like the slanted surface of a screw and that keeps you moving as you travel down on the inclined plane. (Will E, Sam and Ben)


We took a photo of the Junior Primary slide in the playground. We decided the slide was an example of an inclined plane. You start at the top and move down the slide gaining speed as you go down. You need the inclined plane to move down the slide. (Logan and Jack)


The simple machine we chose to look at is a handle on a door in the playground. The handle is an example of a lever – this means you push the handle down and it opens the lock.  Using a lever makes it easy to open and shut the door. When you push the bar down it releases the clip and when you let the bar go it re-clips. (Roy and Kolya)


We found a simple machine in the front area of our school. It is used everyday when we are at school and is called a pulley. The pulley connects rope to a flag and allows us to raise and lower the flag on the flagpole. When you pull down on the rope the flag goes up and when you release the rope the flag comes down. (Aidan and Luka)


We were looking at the buildings and saw the roof line had many different shapes. We decided the surfaces were inclined planes. An inclined plane is good for a roof as it allows the rain water to flow down the incline and be collected in the gutters. (Marcus and Arque)


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