19 Mar 2020

A Message from Mr Holden

We are living in unsettling times and no doubt many families have already been impacted in various ways by the Coronavirus outbreak. For reasons already explained by the Headmaster, the school remains open at this stage. Your sons have shown great resilience and a good measure of common sense in their response. As always, we will look out for and support those boys who are uneasy and anxious.

We also respect the decision of families who are currently home schooling. To reiterate the Headmaster’s message, for those students, we cannot make individual arrangements to deliver work, live stream classes or mark and assess work at this time. There will, however, be some limited additional work provided on Spaces to enable your child to keep up with their learning. This is a particular challenge for K-2 students where most of their learning is teacher directed instruction. Also, it is not feasible for teachers to replicate a normal day of learning activities via this method as well as teach the boys who are attending.  Our staff are working exceptionally hard to maintain a calm, happy and healthy school experience for our students, whilst also planning and preparing for the future.

As we move to a possible scenario where the Campus is closed, I have set out below some guidelines for online learning at Wyvern:

  1. Spaces will be the main form of communication.

  2. By 9.00am each day your son’s learning tasks will be uploaded onto his Year Group Space.

  3. The information posted on the Year Group Space may direct your son to learning platforms such as Canvas (3-6), See Saw (K-2) or other apps to complete work. The boys have been using these platforms over the past few weeks to prepare them for learning from home.

  4. Other resources will be available on Spaces for parents to download and print.

  5. Subject Specialists will also provide learning activities via each Year Group Space.

  6. Teachers will plan activities that will relate as closely as possible to their existing programme.

  7. With the exception of K-2 students, all other grades should be able to complete the work independently.

  8. Student work will be submitted via Canvas, See Saw or via email for teachers to mark and provide feedback.

  9. Each Year Group Team Leader will coordinate the above.

  10. Students with learning needs will be supported by individual contact by the Learning Support Team.

  11. Class teachers will make contact with each student at least once per week to maintain student/teacher relationships and check on progress.

  12. As this is a fluid and ever-changing situation we will adapt our online learning approach as necessary.

May I take this opportunity to thank our parent and extended school community for their ongoing support in trying times. I wish you all well and remain available should you have any further questions.

Ian Holden
Head of Wyvern House

Newington, Wyvern House

115 Cambridge Street
Stanmore NSW 2048
+61 2 9568 9444


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