19 Mar 2020

Artist of the Week

3 – 6 Artist of the Week

This week’s ‘Artist of the week” comes from Year 3 and Year 4.

Year 3 completed beautiful chalk pastel drawings of the Harbour Bridge on New Year’s Eve. Boys experimented with the range and colour of chalk pastels on black paper.

Congratulations to Kurt Hunter for his amazing ‘Harbour Bridge Firework’ drawing.

The boys also finished their fantastic ‘Birthday Celebration’ drawings using marker on mineral paper. They were influenced by Dorrit Black’s ‘The Breakfast Table’

Congratulations to Shaylan Modi and Clayton Huang for their beautiful tables.

Year 4 have completed their ‘Art Car’ Drawings . The boys used a variety of materials to observe cars, and make an ‘Art Car’. The boys looked at Ken Done’s ‘Art Car’, and made links between his artwork and the way he adapted his work to his ‘Art Car’.

Congratulations to Cooper Bell, Ted Wakelin and Kasra Gorgipour.

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