28 Jun 2018

Healthy Appetites

Dear Parents,

We have had an influx of students coming to the office at lunchtime asking for sandwich vouchers as they have already eaten all their food (sometimes all their food is eaten by recess)!  This  could be that your son is experiencing a growth spurt and needs extra fuel to get him through the day or the cold weather. Whilst the purpose of the sandwich voucher is purely in an emergency when your son doesn’t have any lunch (whether it was left at home or their lunch order from the Tuckshop didn’t get processed in time), we would never turn a student away if they are still hungry.

Can we please ask that you make sure that your son has extra food packed in his lunch box in the event that it is needed.

Your attention to this is greatly appreciated.

Wyvern Office 

Newington, Wyvern House

115 Cambridge Street
Stanmore NSW 2048
+61 2 9568 9444


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