24 Sep 2020

Interschool Academic Decathlon

On September 21, 16 Year 5 and 6 students from Newington (Wyvern) competed in an Interschool Academic Decathlon held virtually between 18 schools including Queenwood, Emanuel School, St Aloysius, Randwick Public School, St Andrews, St Luke’s and Covenant Christian College. The students competed in 10 decathlon events including: English, Mathematics, Poetry, Science, Art, Drama, Engineering, Creative Thinking, Geography and General Knowledge. The students had a fantastic day of fun, learning and collaboration – competing in events that were ‘harder than they expected’.

Newington would like to especially acknowledge Rosalind Walsh and Lisa Allum from Queenwood for all their hard work and inspiration in organising the event.

Decathlon Results

Year 5

  • 3rd place Art
  • 3rd place Geography
  • 3rd place Creative Thinking
  • 3rd place General Knowledge

Year 6

  • 2nd place Science
  • 3rd place Poetry
  • 1st place Geography
  • 2nd place Creative Thinking
  • 2nd place General Knowledge
  • 2nd place Overall

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