30 May 2019

National Simultaneously Storytime

It’s a record! Over 1000000 participants in Australia and New Zealand read Matt Cosgrove’s ‘Alpacas with Maracas’ for the 19th National Simultaneous Storytime at 11am this morning. At Wyvern, the K to 2 students kicked off NSS by gathering in the Library to hear Matt Cosgrove, Jimmy Rees and two very cute alpacas, Macca and Al, read the story to us via the big screen. We had some very special guests, former Wyvern students who are now Senior School Leaders, and Senior School Library staff, join us for the celebration. After the reading, it was back to the classroom to spend time decorating our maracas for the K to 2 Talent Show. The Senior Leaders used their creative talents to assist the boys in this task.

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