29 Nov 2018

Year 3 Camp

In Week 5, Year 3 embarked on a journey to the Northern Beaches for their school camp. For many, this was the first time they had been such a considerable distance from their families overnight. Understanding this, all the boys did a wonderful job at investing themselves into the camp experience. Mr. Wilson even survived the night away!

The most rewarding thing for me as a teacher, apart from the constant smiles, exciting activities, wholesome food and memories that were made, was the camaraderie. Many boys were quick to lend a hand pack and clean up after meals. Harnesses for the flying-fox were helped on and off each other by the boys (a tricky and fiddly job for small hands). Boys would offer to fill up drink bottles for others. Heavy boats, and the paddles, were in and out of the boat shed before you could say “Is that an eel?”. The list goes on.

This is what camp is about – the boys working with each other, for each other.

Hugh Scott
Year 3 Team Leader

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