04 Apr 2019

Year 3 Sleepover

Exciting, sensational, stupendous, extraordinary, delicious, impeccable, intense, brilliant, exhausting, spectacular, tiresome and awesome” are just some of the WOW words the boys used to describe their experience at the Year 3 Sleepover! There was not a dull moment and not an instant to lose. Every minute was an opportunity to make a memory and indeed a myriad of memories were made. The first Year 3 milestone was a huge success – the much anticipated Year 3 Sleepover. An afternoon filled with fun, friends and food was always destined to be a thrill.

The boys started the day with their heads in the books, writing their Big Write and their minds on the music, with the Instrumental Program. Following this period of concentration, they were itching to get into the pool and exert some energy. Being the sole users of the pool was a real experience. A quick change and the boys were on their way to afternoon tea, team building rotational activities and bed set up. With an ever increasing appetite, the boys (and teachers) attempted to make a dent in the pizza stack for dinner. It was then onwards to bed to relax in front of a flick and a book, before some much needed shut-eye. Day 1 was done. 

Day 2 began the same way the previous day ended – slow and calm. Breakfast was waiting for the boys once they had reorganised their belongings and packed up their bedroom (formerly Wyvern Hall). More activities saw the clock wind down on Day 2 of the Year 3 Sleepover. 

An enormous thank you to all the staff who volunteered over the 2 days to make the 2019 Year 3 Sleepover a huge success. The Year 3 students and teachers are grateful for the support so many other staff members offered. A special mention to Mr Jones, Mrs Miles, Ms Vuong and Mr Jensen who stayed the night.  

The boys and their families should be very proud of the behaviour and conduct the boys displayed as they supported each other and the staff during the event. Now for camp in Term 4… 

Aimee Parkinson
Year 3 Team Leader

Newington, Wyvern House

115 Cambridge Street
Stanmore NSW 2048
+61 2 9568 9444


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