04 Apr 2019

Year 3 Zoo Excursion

Last Friday 29th March, Year 3 went to Taronga Zoo as part of their Science unit. The zoo experience never fails to disappoint. We had such a fantastic outing, sighting many animals, partaking in a wonderful lesson with a Taronga Zoo keeper and applying much of our Science knowledge.

This term we have been exploring life-cycles of living things such as frogs, spiders, butterflies and humans. It was great to have Jessie, a Taronga Zoo keeper run through different life-cycles with us to expand our knowledge. It was quite the hands-on experience.  When we weren’t at our Taronga lesson, we were enjoying the Seal Show and were trekking around the zoo finding different species and filling out ‘Wyvern’s Wise Taronga Challenge’.

It was fantastic to be able to wander through the zoo to see animals that are certainly not native to Australia, as well as those animals that are.

Many thanks to the wonderful parent helpers that assisted us on the excursion! We couldn’t have done it without you.

Aimee Parkinson
Year 3 Team Leader

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