04 Dec 2018

Metcalfe House lends support to Newtown Mission

Over the past year, Metcalfe House has supported our new service association, Newtown Mission community centre. Newtown Mission is a uniting church which aids the vulnerable by providing home cooked meals and post-food church services. Our role in their organisation is to visit fortnightly with a group of boys ranging from years 10 to 12, and assisting them in setting up their services. This usually entails: setting up tables, unpacking the deliveries from OzHarvest and moving and organising the packaged food into the refrigerator for later use. As we want the whole house to be aware of our community, the younger years are involved by providing food donations, which the older boys transport to the centre on each visit.

Recently, two boys from Metcalfe helped Newtown Mission further by organising a food truck for the yearly Christmas Service. Louis Woodland (12/ME) and Louis Banning Taylor (11/ME) made this their creativity, activity, service (CAS) project as a compulsory part of earning their IB diplomas. This included raising food for over three weeks, and during that time many of the boys from the house group got involved by bringing large amounts of food into the locker room for transportation. 

As a last message to all, we encourage participation from anyone who is interested in helping Newtown Mission through Metcalfe. It is certainly a great way to help the local Newtown community!

Louis Banning Taylor and Chris Spiropoulos (11/ME)


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