04 Dec 2018

Counting down the 12 days of Christmas

Christmas is a time for giving and receiving, but we often forget the true value of Christmas: its ability to bring together family and friends. Sharing a meal together, chatting and debating opinions, road trips, storytelling, playing games – all help to forge positive memories. Creating our own family traditions make events more special and strengthen family connections.

While households may differ, it is important to embrace each other’s company and reflect on the year past. Sometimes this can be difficult due to the ‘Christmas rush’, but taking the time to enjoy some simple activities with family and friends can take the pressure off this busy time.

Here are some ideas in my 12 days of Christmas:

12. Build suspense with a countdown calendar.

11. Share some experiences together like fishing/biking/swimming/crosswords/big jigsaw.

10. Bake some Christmas goodies or a gingerbread house.

9. Take a silly family photo with the family pet.

8. Give to someone in need, bring a gift to the Newington wishing tree.

7. Make some homemade decorations to give as gifts or to decorate your home.

6. Walk around your neighbourhood to see the Christmas lights.

5. Have a new stash of books handy so everyone has something to read.

4. Watch a movie together sharing popcorn and choc tops.

3. Take a picnic to the beach and stay late.

2. Attend a Carols in the Park or a (Newington) Christmas Service or create a playlist.

1. Share your hopes and dreams.

If everything does not go to plan, take comfort in the fact that we tend to remember the best moments and the last moments, paying little attention to everything else.

Have a wonderful Christmas and holidays.

Margaret Bates
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